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**However in very rare cases, MG42 was used as pintle-mounted weapon on commander cupola in order to sway off enemy aircraft or approaching enemies.
**The effectiveness of MG42 on stationary fortification was proved by Heinrich Severloh, who managed to defend the bunker from approaching U.S Soldiers during Normandy Invasion with MG42 before being ambushed at his bunker. He's so called as 'The Beast of Omaha Beach' due his killmark of 2000 U.S Soldiers, although his claim is doubted by both US and German historians.<ref>[[wikipedia:Heinrich_Severloh|Wikipedia entry on Heinrich Severloh]]</ref>
*Although known as machine gun with fastest rate of fire in the era and became a propaganda until the end of the war, the internal parts of MG42 are less complex over its predecessor, with the cost of accuracy and recoil control. Because of the simplified yet ruggedness construction of MG42, it proved immune even at extreme condition where as opposed with her predecessor, MG34 is vulnerable to malfunctioning from those condition.
**With those Rate of Fire, it was very successful for defensive purpose rather than breakthrough the enemy lines.
**MG42 has quick barrel swap mechanism, which located at the right heat shield shroud proved very helpful during the war. However due the very fast of rate of fire the barrel are tend to glowing hot, which very dangerous to replace with bare hands; The gunner was issued with asbestos gloves to prevent hand from burning when replacing barrel. The gunner also could insert the shell brass in the barrel hole and pulling it out, or shake the barrel until it gets out if they don't have the gloves.

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