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SSG 3000

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*{{doll name|M200|RF|5}} and {{doll name|SSG 3000|RF|4}} appears to have a strange interaction with the Carcano sisters' tile buffs; while they do lower both the Base and Int CDs for their skills, they also appear to lower their aiming times for their active skills, lowering it to 1.35s with one or the other present, or 1.2s with both sisters present. This allows them to do 7 charged shots total as opposed to the usual 6 they normally achieve thanks to the shortened aiming time: She will aim one more time with these mixed buffs, while her skill would normally end after 9 seconds. It is unclear whether this is an intended feature or a bug, as this interaction is only present for these 2 and no other RF with a charged shot skill.

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