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A template used to norm the way often used sources of information are cited.

Citations are often used when adding a reference to a text like this:

<source><nowiki>Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet<ref>{{cite|ab1|15}}</ref></nowiki></source>

== Parameters ==
{{Template Parameter Table|
{{Template Parameter|'reference' or 'ref' or anonymous first parameter|The property referenced. This can be one of the following:
* [[The_Art_of_Girls'_Frontline_Vol.1|First artbook]] (ab1, artbook1)
* [[The_Art_of_Girls'_Frontline_Vol.1|First artbook confidential files]] (ab1cf, confidentialfiles1)
* [[The_Art_of_Girls'_Frontline_Vol.2|Second artbook]] (ab2, artbook2)
* [[The_Art_of_Girls'_Frontline_Vol.2#G.26K_Field_Commander_Briefing_Programm|Second artbook confidential files]] (ab2cf, confidentialfiles2)
* [[Story|Girls' Frontline story]] (s, story, gf, girlsfrontline)
* [[Codename: Bakery Girl]] (bg, bakerygirl)|required=yes}}
{{Template Parameter|2|A parameter used to further describe the source. The value depends on the reference:
* For art book related reference, the pages mentioned
* For story related citations, either a number for the main story episode or the name of the event
* For [[Codename: Bakery Girl]], the part of the game referenced}}

== Usage ==
See the template's [[Template:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/testcases|testcases]]:


== See also ==
* [[:Category:Merchandise|Merchandise]]
* [[:Category:Related games|Related games]]


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