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-MICA Team 4th of September 2k19.
== September 19th ==
<i style="color:#71fdff">10:00 GMT+8</i> ~ <i style="color:#71fdff">16:00 GMT+8</i>
Dear players, a 6 hour scheduled server maintenance will take place on the 19th of September 2019, lasting from 10:00 AM til 4:00 PM. Access to the server will be denied while maintenance is ongoing, maintenance duration is subject to extension or shortening depending on work progress.
Patch notes as following:
#Hold Up: THATS ILLEGAL! There aint any information just yet. Stay tuned for the upcoming... Nah aint spoiling the surprise. y'all just gonna have to sit and wait.
'''Maintenance will shut-down the on-going combat mission session.'''
Maintenance compensation: {{Icon|manpower}}x500, {{Icon|ammo}}x500, {{Icon|rations}}x500, {{Icon|parts}}x500
-MICA Team 18th of September 2k19.

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