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Story/Emergency 1-1 (Part2)

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<div class="jcarousel-item">{{p| [[image:BG research.png|link=]]{{StoryDialogue| |...Combat over.. The mission have been completed}} </div>}}<div class="jcarousel-item">{{p| [[image:BG research.png|link=]]{{StorySprite|Helian.png|35%|15%|feed}}{{StoryDialogue|Helian|Well done, you're able to complete Very good. You completed the mission despite us greatly raising the levels of the even though we've raised your enemies' level.}} </div>}}<div class="jcarousel-item">{{p| [[image:BG research.png|link=]]{{StorySprite|Helian.png|35%|15%|feed}}{{StoryDialogue|Helian|YouWith such results, you're prepared ll be able to face a sizable SF invasion from your resulthandle Sangvis raids of considerable scale.}} </div>}}<div class="jcarousel-item">{{p| [[image:BG research.png|link=]]{{StorySprite|Helian.png|35%|15%|feed}}{{StoryDialogue|Helian|However our enemies don't Still, Sangvis T-Dolls are great not only have in numbers , but also cunning tacticsin making unpredictable maneuvers.}} </div>}}<div class="jcarousel-item">{{p| [[image:BG research.png|link=]]{{StorySprite|Helian.png|35%|15%|feed}}{{StoryDialogue|Helian|And thatWe'll be the focus of our do more focused practice next training session, dismissedtime. Dismissed.}} </div>}}

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