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Sangvis Ferri

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[[File:Sangvis Ferri Emblem.png|right]]
The primary antagonist faction of the game, Sangvis Ferri Industries(铁血工造)name is likely derived from Latin, where Sanguine referring to Blood and Ferrum refers to the element iron, the effective meaning of the name Sangvis Ferri would be Iron Blooded. This article's contents are based on 'Girl's Frontline Griffin confidential file' written by the producer Yuzhong, the official edition art book of the game 'The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.1 - Until The Stars', and/or based on in-game story/dialogues.
== Products ==
Their main product was manufacturing of military hardware which they sold it to various nations.
== Post Butterfly Command Hierarchy ==
=== Under New Management ===
The entirety of SF command chain was overhauled after the Butterfly incident, human owners had lost control of all SF automation within the facility, all the products yet to leave the factory and all future produced androids are now all under the command of Elisa, the AI Overseer.
== References ==

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