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Girls Frontline Wiki:Guideline

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Please see: [[Girls_Frontline_Wiki:Guideline/General_Namelist|General Namelist]] for glossary.
With the release of Girls Frontline EN server, all the available items/skills/costumes/equipment naming are converted to the official terminology used on that server. However all the names for items/skills/costumes/equipment that are not yet available on EN server, their names remains as the translated Chinese phrases.
== Updating the main page ==
For page restructuring conveniences, T-Doll pages are made through using a single template, please read it on [[Template:T-Doll]]. To create a T-Doll page, simply copy the code in [[Template:T-Doll]], paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.
:'''For editors wanting to fill these pages but doesn't know the value, please [[Project:About|join the wiki discord channel]].'''
'''ALL''' T-doll pages should be created under the Chinese server names, for example {{doll name|HK416|AR|5}} appears on the EN server just as "416" due to various issues, the actual page name remains to be HK416, however a redirect of the page from "416" should be made.
Note: Use AimAttackSpecificTarge for "Interdiction Shot" and AimAttackCurrentTarge for "Aimed Shot", those two skills share the same icon.
Similar to T-Doll pages, Equipment pages are made using the [[Template:Equipment]]. Copy the code in [[Template:Equipment]], paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.
Since equipment names are subject to translation phrase changes, the equipment pages should be created first under the editor's translation. When that said piece of equipment is later released on the EN server, the page name should then be changed.
== Guides ==

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