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Guide:Dormitory Menu

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(Like a walking/sitting/sleeping Kalina sprite for having the entire HQ set.)
[[File:Screenshot 2016-10-28-03-09-04.png|thumb|Furniture Set]]
==Intel Room==
Go to Dormitory and press the button next to the "Select Dorm" button. It will bring out 2 more buttons as shown in the pic. Press the button the arrow is pointing at. It will take you to the Intel Room.
Here we are at the Intel Room.
White Arrow: Your Global EXP out of your max Global EXP.
Refer to the following pictures for details of other items.
Orange Arrow: Simple Work-Desk
This is where you let Kalina write reports. Upgrading it (Right button) will unlock upgrades for other items in the Intel Room.
Left button brings out a UI, refer to next pic.
Note: To upgrade this desk, two out of the few items in this room have to be at the same lvl as this desk.
Orange: Number of reports you want Kalina to write. This does not affect the time needed.
Green: Total Global EXP needed to write reports. 3000 EXP per report.
Yellow: Total required batteries need to write reports. 3 batteries per report.
Blue: Time needed to write reports. Not affected by number of reports.
Yellow Arrow: Simple Drone Control Center
Upgrading this will increase the Global EXP obtained by T-dolls that are not fully-leveled.
Green Arrow: Messy Information Table
Upgrading this will increase the maximum limit of your Global EXP
Blue Arrow: Old Computer
Upgrading this will shorten the time needed for Kalina to write reports, disregarding the amount.
Purple Arrow: Old Operating Table
Upgrading will increase the amount of Global EXP obtained by full-lvl T-dolls.
Pink Arrow: Old Fax Machine
Upgrading this will increase the maximum amount of reports Kalina can write in one go.

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