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Story/Normal 1-6 (Part2)/Script

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:Under the combined assault from multiple Grifon echelon, Scarecrow was defeated.
:Scarecrow, who lost it combat capabilities, was captured by Grifon T-doll. The operation now enters the last stage—
:Helian: SANGVIS FERRI T-doll SP65 “Scarecrow”, all your means to resist have all failed.
:Helian: Surrender immediately, and we will recover you in one piece.
Scene 1-6-3
:Helian: This is classified intelligence on AI programming, how could you know about it!
:Helian: What … are you exactly …
:Scarecrow: Just a low-class lowly T-doll … from SANGVIS FERRI …
:Scarecrow: Yet, different from those tools who surrender their will to humanity.
:Scarecrow: Do you really understand that … human …who is hiding in their base … and only showing up via hologram.

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