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Model SP65, call sign “Scarecrow” is the boss of 1-6, 1-4E and 0-4. Rational and always on duty, She's good at collecting and analyzing intelligence, but she's not very good at combat and has contempt for emotions.



1-6 and 1-4E

Being the first boss the player encounters, she is very easy and requires little to no strategy to beat. She spawns on the enemy HQ and moves no more than 4 nodes away from that location. If the players wishes not to fight her, they can wait for her to leave the HQ and then "sneak" into it from behind her and capture it. There is no difference between normal and emergency, save for the standard level increase that emergency has.



In battle, she sits at a distance from the player and shoots at them in 3-round bursts and a quick barrage every 12 seconds.

Story involvement[edit]

Commanding one of the outposts in District S09, she was sent to find M4A1's whereabouts. Where she decided to capture and interrogate Skorpion for intel, in which she only got fake intel from her. But since Skorpion's fake intel was just "the truth with random data thrown in and rearranged", she was easily able to find out M4A1's true location through getting more fake intel and scene analysis and figuring out the common information between all of them. She's a high value target to G&K due to her knowing lots of information about Sangvis Ferri's plans. Although she was captured by the commander's team, she detonated explosives she'd hidden on herself (trying to avoid G&K getting their hands on said intel), Not before she was able send M4A1's coordinates to her Partner.