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The Sangvis Ferri Industrial Manufacturing Company was a limited (Ltd.) company that formerly supplied both state and private military contractors with T-Dolls, weaponry, and other military hardware. Established in 2031, soon after the Beilan disaster struck the world, Sangvis Ferri (often referred to as SF) went on to fulfill military contracts to critical acclaim during the Third World War. However, after the Butterfly Incident, SF mysteriously lost its head of research and development, Lycoris, along with the entirety of its human employees due to uncertain circumstances; The immediate result of the Butterfly Incident led to the rise of a rogue Sangvis AI, Elisa, taking over the former company's assets, as well as the contracting of Griffin and Kryuger to contain the new threat.

The first antagonist faction of the game, Sangvis Ferri features in the first 10 chapters of the story, as well as in the events of Arctic Warfare, Deep Dive, and Singularity. Although Griffin and Kryuger have been contracted by the Russian Army to deal with the relatively minor threat, their partner companies IOP and 16LAB are also highly interested in unveiling the mystery behind the events of Butterfly.


Sangvis Ferri was best known for their series of combat-model dolls and war machines, however, they were also involved in furniture production, construction contracts, post-Beilan mining and research into precursor technology. In addition, they were sub-contracted by IOP to manufacture bulk military orders that IOP couldn't fill out fast enough on their own. Notably, their Jaeger series of dolls were highly effective in World War Three, and were praised by military leaders over IOP's initial designs.[1]



Sangvis Ferri Industrial Manufacturing Company was established in Anno Domini 2031, based in Eastern Europe with facilities in Ukraine, Russia, and London. With a focus on rugged durability and reliability even in the most hostile of environments, SF products quickly grew in popularity in post-Beilan Europe.

Interactions with I.O.P.[edit]

Sangvis Ferri's rise soon caught the attention of the newly-formed Important Operation Prototype Manufacturing Company (IOP) and the two companies soon entered into a partnership, with IOP providing SF with new designs and research while the latter put their renowned manufacturing capabilities to good use. Relations between the two companies were high until the start of World War Three, where Sangvis Ferri's independently produced designs outperformed and outsold IOP's more complex and less reliable dolls. Economic competition between the two companies grew fierce, though IOP eventually took back the lead after hiring two prodigious researchers, Persica and Lycoris, to develop enhanced designs for war.

After World War Three, Sangvis Ferri's growth began to slow down, while IOP's lead only grew thanks to refocusing their attention on creating civilian-model dolls. This recession would last all the way until Lycoris became disillusioned with IOP's priorities and began to secretly negotiate with Sangvis Ferri for a new job in greener pastures. When Lyco finally quit IOP, he hired the newly-founded Griffin and Kryuger private military company to escort him to Sangvis Ferri, where he would become the head of research and development.[1][2]

Despite now working for competing businesses, Persica and Lycoris remained close and corresponded often. One of these correspondences would lead to data from a human girl, Lunixya, being shared with Lyco, who would later use it to begin his new project.

Lycoris, Elisa and Butterfly Incident[edit]

As part of his work for Sangvis Ferri, Lycoris immediately began by upgrading Sangvis weaponry and software using Precursor technology, developing particle weaponry and a top-down structure. Under his direction, SF began to perform research on Precursor ruins, and would later repurpose and modify the abandoned Soviet OGAS Precursor-based network for communications. At the same time, work on the "perfect" AI started, with the first prototype, Elisa, created based on data gained from Lunixya and designed to be integrated with OGAS.[2]

At some point, Lyco's work caught the attention of the New Soviet Union. Before Elisa was complete, a raid conducted by an unknown entity led to the "accidental" death of Lycoris, who activated his creation with his dying breath. Shocked into action by the death of her creator, Elisa ordered the immediate termination of all non-Sangvis and non-doll entities within the facility, leading to the Butterfly Incident.

Under New Management[edit]

Now under the command of Elisa, Sangvis Ferri's automated and autonomous units went to work, purging threats and defending Sangvis-held territory. Sangvis Ferri's command structure is a top-down, tree-shaped structure based on the OGAS network and protocol, with no need for dummy-linking units. Specialized units designated as "ringleaders" take direct command of all lower-ranked SF units within range, with command-type ringleaders such as Intruder and Gager giving orders to combat-type leaders, which then assign tasks to field units, and so on. SF units often prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, however, special directives (such as rescuing and retrieval of high-value targets, or certain orders given directly by Elisa) can be assigned that take precedence over immediate combat.


  • Sangvis Ferri's name is derived from Latin: "sangui-" meaning "blood", and "ferrum" meaning "iron". The name can be interpreted as "Iron Blood", which is fitting given SF's role as a wartime heavy industries manufacturer.