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A series of elite T-Dolls produced by Sangvis Ferri sometime between the events of Continuum Turbulence and Isomer. SWAP units are easily distinguishable from their lesser counterparts as they utilize top-of-the-line equipment and have had their look visually updated with a glowing red aesthetic. So far all SWAP units shown are combat units and possess little to no command ability, suggesting that while their equipment and tactics may be more sophisticated, their primary role is still to serve as expendable frontline troops for their ringleaders.


After the Military intervention that culminated in the events of Chapter 10, Singularity, and Continuum Turbulence, it became clear to the Mastermind that the aging Sangvis arsenal was impotent against the new threat posed by Paradeus and the Military. Work began on developing new armor piercing solutions against Military heavy armor, as well as refitting outdated units such as the Prowler automated drones. The designing and construction of SWAP units is overseen by the Mastermind herself, resulting in significant improvements.

The player first encounters these new units in Isomer, as part of M16A1's elite unit. Throughout the event they can be seen fighting against Paradeus forces as well as the Grifon dolls that try to prevent their retreat towards the end.


Current SWAP upgraded units include the Prowler, Dragoon, Guard, Aegis, Striker and Jaeger models. These upgrades have the recurring theme of increased protection as well as improved offensive capabilities.

  • SWAP Prowlers have been upgraded with additional protection on their legs as well as an upgraded turret. The previously-exposed camera is now enclosed, with only a narrow red slit on the front, and the gun has been upgraded and fixed to the side of the turret, giving them firepower akin to Vespids.
  • SWAP Strikers have been upgraded with armor piercing ammunition and improved mobility, allowing them to move quickly and easily mow down armored units. Their guns have been repainted black and red, their visors have been enhanced and their hair has been dyed with a black-red fade to match their Guard sisters.
  • SWAP Guards have had their bayoneted pistols replaced with fully-integrated gunblades, similar to those wielded by Alchemist. These new gunblades feature a wider cutting edge as well as front-mounted sights; A blue flame is always seen coming out the front barrel, suggesting that the weapon may be plasma-based with a side-effect of heating up the blade underneath. In addition, their shields have been upgraded to be taller and thicker, providing increased protection. Similar to SWAP Aegis units, they have been provided with a new passive shielding system to ward off initial damage as well, and their hair has been redyed to a black-red fade.
  • SWAP Aegis units have received a similar upgrade to SWAP Guards and have been given a much thicker shield. In addition, the head unit has been redone completely, with the frontal "eyelight" weak-spots now missing completely and observational units now placed in a "horn" protruding from the front of the head as well as a redone ballistic gorget protecting the neck. Presumably, the horn allows the unit to look over the top of its shield even when its head is covered during combat. The plate armor protecting the unit's joints has been replaced with segmented plates, possibly made of reactive armor, while the segments protecting the unit's hood have been noticeably thickened. Similar to the SWAP Guard, they possess a shielding system to ward off damage, and a blue flame is constantly emitted from the stun baton, although it's unclear if this has anything to do with the new armor piercing capabilities of these units.
  • SWAP Jaegers have been considerably upgraded and now pack sleeker, upgraded armor-piercing railguns with improved scopes. Their headpiece has been improved as well, offering increased protection and a smaller camera unit. The combination of a more effective weapon and better vision has given them enough range to snipe from outside the range of Grifon units, which they do with impunity behind their upgraded SWAP Guards and Aegis units. In addition, they are able to perform a charged shot attack that targets the units furthest back and cannot be dodged, making them deadly opponents for ARs and MGs and significantly increasing the threat they pose against RFs. Finally, their armor has been repainted in glossy jet black with neon red lights, their thermo-optic camouflage capes are now painted with a darker digital urban camouflage, and their hair has been dyed in a black-red fade to match their sisters.
  • SWAP Dragoons and their walker exoskeletons have received some of most drastic changes to both their equipment and fighting doctrine. The new exoskeleton features a black and red paint job with a extended front dashboard and a larger, tinted black ballistic glass windshield. The upgraded heavy railgun is mounted in the same place as before, but now has incredibly extended range (20 units!!), increased firepower, and insane accuracy. Their role seems to have changed as well, as rather than using their increased range, they now will attempt to flank around enemies and attack from the sides, sometimes even attacking from off the top and bottom sides of the screen. To complement this, their skill allows them to charge forwards while firing, rapidly closing the distance between them and their target. Their riders have had their hair dyed pure white, although the lights reflecting off their walkers gives it a red glow. Finally, their headsets have been changed to include two antennas, their visors have been reinforced with a thin triangular grid and their purple scarf has been replaced with a red one.