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SR-3MP Story Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition SR-3MP"旋风",为您效劳!话是这么说啦,不过您的水平如何,我还要好好观望哦。 ヴィーフリ、頑張るわよ!と言っても、まずは指揮官の力、しっかり見せてもらうからね。Play SR-3MP "Whirlwind", at your service! I've heard rumors about your capabilities and I'd like to take a good look for myself. Be sure to show me what you're made of.
Introduction 看好啦,这可是来自中央精密机械制造局的新式微声武器!虽然以AS Val为蓝本,不过要更加小巧便捷哦!我通常为国家保镖和隐蔽行动服务,和很多同胞一样,拥有一个代号——“旋风”说的就是我啦! (Same as EN Acquisition line)
Secretary 干嘛?想听我的意见吗? なに?私の考え聞きたい?Play What? Do you want to hear my thoughts?
好好照顾我哦,总有一天你会有回报的! ちゃんと面倒をみてね、いつか向う割れるPlay Make sure you take good care of me! I'll repay you one day!
你……你做什么呢!当心我叫人了啊,我嗓门可是很尖的! なぁ······なにするよ!人呼ぶわよ!Play Ahh! What are you trying to do?! I'm calling for help!
Secretary (post OATH)
Huh? Did you call for me? Call out louder next time so that everyone hears it, heheh. There's no need to be shy. You should be more proud about it.
Heheh, you couldn't wait any longer, could you, Commander?Come on, let me hear your feelings! Louder so everyone can hear it!... That's right, just like that! Louder! Even louder!
Greeting 指挥官,你醒了吗?振作一点,别让我失望喔。 指揮官、起きてる?確りして。私を失望させないでね。Play Commander you're awake now? Please try to look more awake, don't disappoint me alright?
T-Doll Produced 新的朋友?好像很有趣耶。 新しい友達?面白そうね。Play Got a new friend? Looks real interesting.
Joining an echelon 好哦~就让本小姐来教教你。 いいわよ~このあたしが教えてあげる。Play Alright, Let me teach you a thing or two.
Enhancement 虽然跟想像的不太一样...算了~ 予想とは違うけと...まぁ...いいか~Play Slightly different from what I imagined... Whatever though~
Dummy-linking 到现在才了解到我的价值吗? 今ころ私の価値理解出来たの?Play Only just realised my values?
Logistics (start) 了解,那我马上出发啰! 了解、それじゃぁ早く行くわよ!Play Roger, I'll be going now then!
Logistics (end) 有没有想人家呢? あたしに会いだくなっだ?Play Did you miss me?
Autobattle 把麻烦事解决掉吧! 面倒事片付けましょう!Play Let's get this troublesome ordeal over with!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 别担心,我马上回来。 安心して、すぐ帰るから。Play Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
Starting a battle 胜利就在眼前。 勝利は直ぐそこに。Play Victory is within sight.
Skill activation 啧!到此为止了! ちっ、そこまでよPlay Heh! All over for you!
好机会! チャンス!Play This is my chance!
哼,无意义的挣扎 ふん、無駄の足掻きPlay Huh, pointless struggles.
Heavily damaged 等等......不该变成如此的吧...! ちょっと......そんなはずないわよね...!Play Wait no... It shouldn't be like this...!
Retreat 啧...这样的结果...我不承认......! ちっ...こんな結果...認めないわよ......!Play No... I won't accept this... This kind of results...!
MVP 这就是胜利的滋味?真的是太棒了! これが勝利の味わい?実に素晴らしい!Play This is what victory feels like? It's really great!
Restoration 绝对不会再有下次了...... 次は絶対ないわよ......Play Definitely won't be happening again...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 見て、この完璧な返送。今夜の注目のまとはきっと、私よ!Play Look at my flawless dress. Tonight's star is going to be me!
Christmas え、クリスマスプレゼント?それじゃあ円了なく!えへへ、今夜は楽しいわね!Play A Christmas present? Don't mind if I do! Hehehe, tonight's a lot of fun!
New Year's Day 指揮官、今年の目標を決めて上げる。きっといい始まりになるは!


Commander, I'll decide your new year's resolution. It'll be a start to something great!
Valentine's day 指揮官、このチョコを受け取って、感謝しなさいよ! イヒヒ、うんうん、よろしい!


Commander, take this chocolate and be thankful! Hehehe, good good, that's right!
Tanabata 指揮官はどんな願いを書いたの?まぁまぁ逃げないで、見せなさいよ!


So Commander~, what did you end up wishing for? Hey now what's the rush, show it to me!