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Full name Colt 9mm SMG model RO635
Country of Origin United States
Manufacturer Colt
Artist 海猫络合物
Voice actor Ayaka Fukuhara

RO635 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

Model 635 of automatic firing 9mm SMG developed by Colt, RO635 SMG was developed based on the AR-15 platform designed to chamber the 9×19mm Parabellum. An AR-15 derivative with a 10.5 inch barrel, designed base on M16A2's receiver group, so the overall aesthetics is extremely similar to a M16 rifle, while the weapon itself feels more compact like the XM177 Colt Commando.

Major changes would classify this firearm as a SMG, such as the operating mechanism being changed to blowback from AR-15's direct impingement, RO635 still however fires from a closed rotary bolt. RO635 features a semi-automatic fire mode other than fully automatic, capable of reaching a rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute cyclic, effective firing range is up to 100 metres. The magazine well is modified to fit the smaller width 9mm cartridge magazines, the standard issue 20-/32-round magazines is designed with reference to Israeli Uzi magazine.

Aiming relies on the M16 style front and rear iron sights, though optional optics can attach on the carrying handle. Other features include a the adjustable telescoping stock, AR-15 style magazine release and a M16 style upper receiver with a fixed carrying handle. Some other minor modifications include the forward assist being removed and a large plastic brass deflector attached on the rear end of the ejection port.

RO635 is currently in service by various military and policing units inside and outside of the United States, saw live action during the Invasion of Panama and Miami Drug Wars. Military users includes the US Marine Corp and Argentine Army, policing units such as SWAT teams of Los Angeles police department.

Character Info


Designed by the same artist as most of the AR Squadron, RO retains the same long black hair with a different colour strand on the side fringe. Items such as a name tag, hooded coat and speaker phone can be found in her possession, possibly to represent her service in the law enforcement units or anti drug departments of investigative agencies. She is also one of the heterochrome T-dolls in the game, other examples of heterochromic T-dolls are HG Mk23 and HG SPP-1.

The in game art of weapon RO635 seem to feature an upper receiver similar to the Close Quarter Battle Receiver for the M4A1, where the carrying handle is removed completely in exchange for a Picatinny rail placement. However Colt's RO635 does not leave the factory with that style upper receiver, it might be a commercial 9mm AR-15 upper receiver.


Lawful Good alignment character, RO emits a strong aura of justice around her, much of her speech and quotes resembles an officer of the law. Logical and rational thought processes renders RO as one of the few "normal" T-dolls in the entire game. However she is a little bit shy when it comes to interacting with others in a non-commanding position, she can be easily embarrassed when approached too rashly.

Being a member of AR squadron, she interacted with the story and many other characters, the player bared witness to her personality and character development. Despite that she knows she was born to lead or back-up the leading in a self-sustained T-doll squadron, she sometimes lack the confident in her leadership ability, to some extend she feels like something always goes wrong or against her while she is commanding. Through the encouragement of many T-dolls under her command she gradually gained the confident as a leader.

Being a T-doll of justice, RO enjoys collecting law enforcement films made before WW3, such as films of anti-crime and detective genre, but dislikes mafia films. She also enjoys watching CGI films. Player base would suggest that another one of RO's part time hobby would include singing, however she might be really bad at it. Some point in the story line RO revealed that her speaking voice is louder than average T-dolls, that might be because of that speaker phone she carries with her all the time, it is also notable that in her dorm chibi, RO speaks to other T-doll through a speaker phone.


Combining her own evasion buffs with an enemy damage debuff in her short initial cooldown skill, she is one of or possibly the strongest tanking SMG units in the game when it comes to extended combat session tanking. Offers high accuracy tile buff to a wide area, RO sits comfortably in the middle of many AR/SMG echelon formations.

Story Involvement

RO as a character is part of the AR Squadron and has major interactions with the story and events of Girls Frontline.


"This is classified information!"

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Palette Squadron and File 36

RO's first story appearance. She arrived at G&K to complete an assigned mission while leading a makeshift squadron going by the name Palette Squadron.

RO was assigned to G&K with the mission of recovering "File 36". Three other T-dolls consisting of HG Type 92, MG AAT-52 and SMG Sten MkII were assembled together just for this mission, with a cameo appearance of HG Makarov. According to Type 92, her temporary adjutant, they are all misfits within G&K, hence the name Palette fits them quite well, with all their colourful personalities. RO's command module was meant to be tested and fine-tuned by leading this "Bad Company". She also gained quite a lot of experience and friendship while commanding this band of misfits.

The operation began when 92 fetched an updated location information of File 36. A field operative T-doll named AAT-52 had it, but she was also trapped in the city, making the initial stage a rescue operation for AAT. After rescuing AAT, she revealed the location of File 36 to be under the possession of an unidentified human within the city. Arriving at the location of the safe house AAT provided, however, the human was missing along with all evidence.

The human was then found by Sten MkII. Over radio communication, Sten reported that the human locked himself in an office room refusing to come out. Sten also reported a large Ferri infrastructure being established near the city outskirts. RO quickly relocated the unit towards Sten's location. Upon arriving at the office building, the large Ferri infrastructure is confirmed to be a Jupiter cannon. Sangvis Ferri begin to bombard the city. A Jupiter cannon scored a direct hit on the office building the human hid himself in. With the human critically wounded and dragged outside by Sten, 92 and AAT promised to perform first aid on him while Sten re-entered the building to search for the file.

Before Sten could secure the document, another wave of artillery strikes hit and RO lost contact with all of her team members on the field. RO panicked and fell into despair, thinking that she caused her team's deaths until Makarov enters the scene with updated Intel. Ferri might be testing their Jupiter cannon's destructive power on that city. According to Makarov, the shots appeared to be random, so the chances of RO's team's survival is high. Hearing this, RO regained some morale. She deployed Makarov into the city to rescue the other members of Palette squadron. While en-route to her location, Makarov proposed that the artillery strike might not have been random, that they might be the tricks of the Ferri's leader. Not a second later, an artillery shell landed on RO's field command post. However, all of RO's command unit was safe. They rushed back to RO's command post and, in a joint effort, they dug the unconscious RO out of the debris.

Fortunately, RO only suffered minor injuries. Makarov called an extraction team to evacuate Palette squadron out of the city. With File 36 in hand, Palette squadron's operation is accomplished, but with the city now in ruins. Palette squadron disbanded after this operation as RO was needed to replace AR ST AR-15 in the AR squadron. This short time they've had together left a deep friendship between them and RO as comrades.

Mario Princess Facility

RO's first appearance is in chapter 7, when she officially joined AR squadron.

RO officially entered the scene after the siege on AR squadron's position, the Mario Princess supervision facility in Sector S05. Persica introduced RO to the Commander while the facility siege intensified, RO states that she was developed especially for this task and requested the Commander to capture a comms relay station used by the Ferri in Sector S05 to speed up her deployment into the battlefield.

Soppu asleep on RO's lap

With the comms relay destroyed, Dreamer launched an attack on the supervision facility directly, claiming to kill every single T-doll present there, if the Commander divert forces to fight Dreamer, the facility itself will be left undefended. RO stated that she will infiltrate and rescue the T-dolls at the facility, while the Commander can focus on fighting Dreamer, the Commander agreed to this proposal.

While the G&K forces were defending outside the facility, Mastermind sneaked in the facility in attempt get close to AR M4A1. Equipped with her advanced jamming module, all the other T-dolls within the facility were unable to move, Mastermind reached M4A1, attempted at deciphering her Digi-mind. Failed to decipher anything, Mastermind decided to take M4A1 with her back to the Ferri HQ. RO enters the scene, with her counter-countermeasures she manage to negate Mastermind's jamming, with all the other T-dolls up and operational, Dreamer being pinned down by G&K forces, Mastermind was forced to retreat from the facility.

M4A1 however was no longer combat capable, after the attempt Atlas decryption, she was left in a state of delusion, constantly mumbling to herself. Tidying up the battlefield, the Commander finally met RO face to face in the facility's garden, with AR M4 SOPMOD II sleeping on her lap. RO formally introduced herself to the Commander, she is here at the request of Persica to assist the Commander, but she wishes to keep that a secret from the HQ. She also inform the Commander that Persica will do something about M4A1's current condition, in the meantime, she will take over the Command for AR squadron.

Hunt for Dreamer

An immediate follow up after chapter 7's story, where RO and AR squadron fought Dreamer in Sector S05.

RO had solid Intel on location of Dreamer within S05, she is under the order to annihilate Dreamer, AR squadron she led is performing this task. Palette squadron members are here to help with this task, the operation began with each member of the AR squad meeting a member of the Palette squad on the field, AR M16A1 were to meet AAT, SOP II were to meet Sten and RO were to meet 92. Upon meeting of the Palette squad members, Ferri forces commenced bombardment of Sector S05 with their Jupiter cannon infrastructures, SOP II and Sten's location suffered a direct hit.

After confirming Intel, M16 departed to SOP's location while AAT relocated to meet RO. Upon meeting with Sten, she reported that under Dreamer's provocations SOP has gone berserk and ran after Dreamer, M16 went after SOP with Makarov who just entered the scene. Sten's next task from RO was hacking a Ferri Jupiter cannon, to disrupt further bombardments from Dreamer. Dreamer was never present in Sector S05, all the present Dreamer units are her dummy-links, she enraged SOP, forced M16 to go after the furious SOP and attempted to destroy them both with a well placed Jupiter shot, fortunately through the hacking of the cannons, the shot did not cause ideal level of damage, the two survived.

The evacuation route was however block directly by Dreamer, with the help of Commander's forces, both AR squadron and Palette squadron extracted without further casualties. To celebrate the destruction of all of Dreamer's dummies in Sector S05, RO had a few drinks with M16 in the bar, they had a long chat about AR squadron's past, about M4A1, about AR-15 and about the next step of their vengeance.

Arctic Warfare

The 2017 Winter event Arctic Warfare described a story of AR squadron being pinned on a snowy mountain region and their fight against the Ferri in the arctic environment.


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Sector S02 Expedition

Two months after the event of Arctic Warfare, AR Squadron is deployed into Sector S02 to retrieve "File 7" for Persica.

Under Persica's request, the AR squadron consist of RO, Soppu and M16 dropped into S02 and on approach the "Base No.0" in search for file 7. S02 is a heavily fortified region with full Parapluie coverage, RO is also tasked with deploying counter-countermeasures on top of being in leadership of an independent T-doll squadron, since she is equipped to fight Parapluie. As a specialist squadron with limited firepower, RO once again requested help from the Commander, primarily to run operations in the sector and divert attention away from the AR squadron.

Approaching the base, RO explained the plans and brief the squadron again. Their next target is to infiltrate the base, establish a temporary foothold within the base while locate and extract file 7, while RO is infiltrating the network, Soppu will serve as a look out to alert the team regarding the Ferri movements, M16 is more free with her actions and she can make advice on combat plans base on situation changes since she is the most experience T-doll of the group with the longest service time. Before RO was about to lead the team into the base, M16 proposed that they should hack in and listen to the Ferri's communication channel, RO warned that it risk detection and foil the infiltration. M16 insisted that they should listen in just in case that their plan has already been foiled and they are currently well dug-in to ambush them, RO agreed after hearing this.

Syncing with the communication channel, they only discovered music, "'Skylark', it's an old song." M16 suddenly remarks, RO questions the music, to which M16 stated that Ferri leaders are also equipped with emotion module, it is likely being played to relief their stress. Based on the additional data they gathered from the communication channel, they discovered the overseer of the territory is a particularly younger model, it is likely to be Destroyer, RO advised the Commander to adjust tactics and units against this enemy.

15 minutes later AR squadron infiltrated the center region of base no.0, they have began setting up the counter-countermeasures and preparing the place as a temporary garrison to locate the physical data server, Soppu was ordered to stand guard, M16 provided the access key to file 7, "Use it well, we almost lost our lives for this.", M16 mentions the access key was obtained from safe room 3, the whole purpose of AR squadron seems to be recovering whatever Lyco left over, and now the final step has finally began. M16 advised to inform the Commander before expanding the counter-countermeasures as it will attract Sangvis Ferri's attention.

The excessive amount of advice from M16 and information not provided operation Intel have finally made RO question the true purpose of this operation, "The way you and Persica acts give me the hint that this is not a simple Ferri base.", to which M16 replied "Of course it isn't a simple base, this is close to Ferri's central command, anything could be in here. But if you ask me whether I know anything, I'm afraid this is my first time here as well.", when her behavior was questioned again by RO, M16 answered that is at least her Digi-mind tells her this is her first time. RO opened up the communication channel to Persica in preparation for the infiltration, she mentioned that she will focus on searching for file 7 and reject other low-priority files, since they are deep undercover. Persica agreed to this, she says that she merely wishes to observe AR squadron's performance under RO's command. With this being said RO booted up the counter-countermeasure and entered the Ferri network.

20 minutes later into the infiltration RO had managed to locate the physical data server, she have plotted a course towards it but there are many Ferri checkpoints along the way. She proposes that the Commander should go along that route to divert Ferri forces away from a more covert route the AR squadron will be traveling. The Commander is safe to deploy forces as the Parapluie counter-countermeasure field she deployed is relatively strong. End of the operation, AR squadron safely relocated to the data server, Soppu will do the physical access while RO will mask their signals, after file 7 is located she will begin streaming immediately. Persica congratulate the team on making smooth progress so far, to which RO comments that both her and Soppu will be immobilized while accessing the network, the only one operational in their squadron will be M16, so they cannot let their guards down yet, RO would also request Commander to keep distracting the enemy units.

Soppu found the file within the server, but due to the large size the streaming might take longer than expected, RO requested M16 to stand guard nearby to avoid being spotted by enemy patrols, M16 also demanded the two of them to never leave the data room, RO agreed. Being a newer generation of T-doll, RO finished her download quickly and removed the trace, however when disconnected from the network she found M16 to be missing from her post, Soppu too didn't notice the disappearance of M16 since she is focused on streaming the files and don't have enough RAM to divert attention. Having thought that M16 might have encountered problems, RO leaves the data room to look for M16, she looked outside the door and saw nothing. Suddenly she noticed movements behind her, M16 sighs: "Didn't I tell you to stay in the room no matter what happens?", RO replied with frustration: "I too told you to stay here and don't leave our side!"

M16 walked passed RO and entered the data room, RO expresses her annoyance with M16 disobeying her orders, M16 replied saying that she does have her priority orders, she will adjust according to situation changes and M4A1 as a leader would understand this. "No, maybe I'm not as good of a leader as M4A1 was.", hearing this M16 apologized: "Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. You have your strengths, I think I'm just not used to it yet.", Soppu greeted M16's return, M16 went to sit next to Soppu, "Did you two argue?", "No, it was a discussion. I'm a bit tired Soppu let me adjust myself.". M16 advised RO to listen in on Ferri's movement as she heard engine noise from the sky while she was outside, the enemies are potentially setting up an air raid. RO comments that Destroyer doesn't have the capacity to command air units, M16 suggests the area doesn't necessarily belong to just a singular leader.

Accessing the enemy HQ network, RO found it to be extremely quiet, M16 suggests that maybe the enemy have already moved out to engage them, RO disregarded the suggestion saying that M16 is overreacting. Suddenly sounds of explosions were heard from a distance, M16 told RO to quickly expand her listening radius to cover other Ferri command posts nearby. A conversation between Destroyer and Dreamer were heard, Agent already noticed infiltrators in the region and they are beginning to carpet bomb their own sectors. Despite how careful RO navigated, they were still detected, M16 comforted her and said she should adapt do unexpected situations, right now they should request reinforcements from the Commander and go with her to defend against the initial Ferri scouts. RO contacted the Commander, described the dire situation they are in, she requested the Commander to destroy the Ferri UAV controls so at least the bombardment will stop, they are still waiting on Soppu to finish her downloads.

The salute

Moments later the Ferri UAV continues to circle over their heads, having taken out another wave of attackers M16 checked with RO, RO reply that it doesn't look good, she is running low on munitions and the UAV have yet to leave the airspace, M16 used this little break in between attack waves to comforted RO, saying that they will be ok, commenting on how RO is fitting in well with the AR squadron as a character, talked about how RO is a little bit like M4A1 when she first started out as a leader. RO replied that she look forward to meeting M4A1. At this point Soppu finished her download, they are ready to retreat.

While the Commander's forces are driving away Destroyer and Dreamer, RO began plotting a retreat route, however Dreamer began randomly closing gates in the base in attempt to block their route, one gate was shut and their closest escape route is now blocked. RO is losing her composure: "Damn it, if we go around now we will waste a lot of time...", M16 proposed that if the gate mechanisms are damaged from the sides the route is open again, she will go and sabotage the mechanism. RO proclaims it is dangerous to split up right now, but she agreed to let M16 go after M16 said there are no other options right now and she is most suited for the task.

RO hesitated again after the Commander have driven away the powerful enemy forces, RO claims they aught to rethink this, there must be another way out. M16 replied "I will perform my duty while you perform yours, alright?", Persica also contacted via radio at this point stating the priority is to extract file 7, it is both her order and Kryuger's orders, RO finally gave the orders after a brief goodbye with Soppu who just returned from her patrol, M16 departed to sabotage the gate mechanism. Half an hour later with the gate mechanism destroyed, RO and Soppu escapes the base, the EVAC transport is within visual distance, however M16 is yet to come out of the facility. Getting on the EVAC transport, RO contacted M16 with the radio, M16 apologized: "Sorry, there seem to be an accident, that explosion cut off my escape route...", "Leave without me, your transports cannot reach me from here."

"Thank you for those words you've said to me." RO's last words to M16, who can now be seen from the facility, M16 replied with a salute. The shapes of her gradually became smaller with the transport moving further away, turned into a silhouette, into a burning building, into a spark. "Will we meet again?" RO now thinks to herself while the transport is returning to base, "I just feel like she made up a lie since the very beginning. She never intended to return, she was ready to give it her all just to save that one person..."

Further deployments into Sector S02

RO and Soppu was deployed again into S02 a week later in search for the missing in action M16. The Commander was however called away to attend an important meeting with SOCOM, but he/she will still provide remote assistance.

M16 is now classified as MIA, but as an unique T-doll and irreplaceable comrade, G&K asserted forces to assist RO and Soppu in the operation, thus the two are redeployed back into S02 again to lead the search operation for M16. RO described Soppu's Digi-mind status as unstable, her average response time to RO's commands have reduced to 1.3 seconds, occasionally enters the state of focus loss. It is also effecting her operation effectiveness, evident from the fact that she just open-fired upon a Ferri checkpoint which RO ordered the two to sneak around. Being chased by over a hundred Ferri units in a heavily fortified Ferri region, RO had no choice but to call for the Commander's assistance.

Breaking siege with the assist of Commander's forces, the two proceed to the final area of the search operation. 20 hours of continuous operation stress has taken effect on both of their physiques, effects are more significant on RO since she is the leader of the operation. The two are now in a safe house preparing for recharge and clearing RAM data. After some discussions, RO agreed to let Soppu to go on guard while she take a short nap to recharge her energy, an hour later when RO woke up, Soppu is nowhere to be found. Angry with Soppu disobeying her orders while worried about her safety, RO quickly rushed outside to search for Soppu. Soon she located Soppu in an abandoned factory facility, initially angry at her for operating alone, Soppu presented an item of interest she found: M16's backpack.

Apparently Soppu's slow responses is because she is running a short range tracing program in search of this backpack, when asked by RO what the content of the backpack is, Soppu replied: "M16 said 'This is nothing good'.". Glad that Soppu is safe and ashamed of misunderstanding her behaviour, RO is even more astonished by Soppu's unusual high attention paid to details after she presented her theory of M16's encounters based on the bullet marks on the backpack. Just as they are about to leave, they picked up a high level Ferri unit signal, another Ferri leader is now present in this region.

Annihilation of Mastermind

Immediately after being rescued from S02, AR squadron received a new order, a joint operation with SOCOM and the annihilation of Mastermind.

Game Data

Chibi image
97(x1)194(x1) / 970(x5)
25(x1) / 85(x5) 20(x1) / 60(x5)
13 29
10 71
2 14
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
68 97
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects assault rifles
Increases rate of fire by 10%
Increases accuracy by 35%

Rewarded to players after clearing chapter 7-6 for the first time. Cannot be obtained (again) by any other means.


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 初次见面,长官。9毫米冲锋枪正在待命,等候你的差遣。 初めまして、指揮官。コルト9ミリサブマシンガン、ご指示を。Play Nice to meet you Sir. Colt 9mm SMG awaits your commands.
Introduction 以M16A2为基础开发的9毫米冲锋枪,在那个几乎被MP5垄断的时代,打出了一片新市场。平衡感和性能都很出色,不过更自豪的是,我曾经被执法机构和特种作战单位使用,参与过各种打击犯罪的行动,我很荣幸。 9mm SMG developed with M16A2 as the basis, actually manage to maintain a fair share of the market, even in the era dominated by MP5. Great balance and performance, but my proudest achievement was my service in policing agencies and special combat units, took part in all kinds of anti-crime operations, it was my honour and glory.
Secretary 要出任务吗,长官? 任務ですか指揮官?Play We got a mission Sir?
嗯?哪里有问题?让我看一下。 え?なにか問題でも?Play Hmm? Anything wrong? Let me see.
M16?……那家伙……今天要来?……啊不,说我在这儿就好了…… M16(えむいちろく)?…来るんですか?…もし来るなら、留守って伝えてください…。Play M16? ...She will be here today? Ahh no, just tell her I'm not here...
Secretary (post OATH)
Get rid of that idiotic picture at once! Just because you beaten me once at that game, I won't go so easy on you next time!
I believe you have your reasons to why I was the one being chosen. Looks like you finally accepted me and my beliefs, but... Please try not to get too close, everyone... They're all watching us.
Greeting 早上好,长官,这个是……今天的报表,请过目。 おはようございます、指揮官、今日のレポートをどうぞ。Play Good morning Commander, this are today's reports, please review.
T-Doll Produced 长官,新的队员准备报到。 指揮官、新しい隊員の準備が出来ました。Play Commander, a new squad member is reporting in.
Joining an echelon 收到命令。全员,准备行动! 全員、行動に移ります!Play All units, prepare for operation!
Enhancement 备用零件多了一点,M16,你要吗? 部品が余ったようね、M16、いる?Play Hmm, got some spare parts, M16 you want it?
Dummy-linking 这样就不会输给你了呢,MP5。 これで負けることはありません。Play Won't be losing to you anymore MP5.
Logistics (start) 保持警惕,小心戒备,出发! 周囲に注意して出発します。Play Stay alert, watch your surroundings, move!
Logistics (end) 行动结束,完成目标。 任務完了、予想以上の成果でした。Play Operation finished, target achieved.
Autobattle 一直袖手旁观的话,就如同亲自犯罪一样! 傍から見てるだけでは何もできません!Play Standing by doing nothing is equally as guilty as the criminal!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 犯罪分子已定位,出发! 敵位置確認、出撃します!Play Enemies location confirmed, move!
Starting a battle 发现目标,立即排除! ターゲット発見、直ちに排除します!Play Target confirmed, commence removal!
Skill activation 细数你们的罪行吧! オマエの罪を数えろ!Play Pay for your crimes!
嫌疑人,休想得逞! そうはさせない!Play Suspect is in sight!
正义,是不会输的! 正義が勝つ!Play Justice will win!
Heavily damaged 呃!情报……是从哪里泄露的! 情報が…漏れたのか?Play No... How did they get our intel!?
Retreat 抱歉,长官……这次行动,只能提前收工了…… すみません、指揮官…今回の作戦…ここまでのようです…。Play Sorry Commander... We'll have to prematurely cancel this operation...
MVP 地狱才是你们该去的地方。 地獄がお前らの行き先だ。Play Underworld is where you all should be headed.
Restoration 长官,这是我的请假条……希望您批准…… 指揮官、これはわたしの欠席届です…ご許可をお願いします…。Play Commander this is my vacant request slip... Please review...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day 指揮官、明けましておめでとうございます。m16には金賞薦めるよう、どぞよろしくお願いします。


Valentine's day



  • A Girls Frontline 4Koma artist named Xiuhui made a remark of RO's mental shock in one of her twitter posts, which unofficially suggests RO might be decreasing enemies' damage by singing into her speaker phone REALLY LOUDLY.


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Icon RF 4star.png G28   ·  Mosin-Nagant   ·  PSG-1   ·  PTRD   ·  PzB 39   ·  SVD   ·  Springfield   ·  T-5000   ·  XM3
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