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R5 Strategy Story Quotes

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R5 is actually a very simple AR type doll despite her high index number and late release date, commentaries available below. In many ways R5 is compared to an earlier released AR T-Doll AR G41Thumb button.pngG41 , due to their similar attributes at max level, similar tile shape/bonuses, and most importantly the same type of skill they have.

Individual Performance[edit]


R5 has the Damage Focus T style skill, increase self damage attribute by set percentage (75% max) for set time frame, total empowered up time is 10 seconds, total cooldown is 16, while initial cooldown is 4 at max level, ratio of up/down time is 62.5%. The skill itself is exactly the same as G41's.



Combat Performance[edit]


Anti-armor performance:


Long duration fights:



Tile Bonus[edit]

R5 provides mix type tile bonuses.

Affects Submachine guns
Increases rate of fire by 12%
Increases evasion by 15%
High magnitude
Inflexible placement



Slot 1

VFL 6-24x56

Recommended to use telescopic sight for added crit chance.


Replace current optic with night equipment before sending R5 on night sorties.
Slot 2

APCR High-Velocity Ammo

High impact on AR doll performance, high upgrade priority recommended.
Slot 3

IOP X4 Exoskeleton

Upgrade priority of this equipment slot is left at individual players' preferred discretions.