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General information[edit]

Major Murata Himeko of the Anti-Apocalyptic force, prior to joining the UN's army she was an aspiring scientist of the California Institute of Technology, aspired to follow her father's footsteps. She lost everything she owned when the Apocalypse broke out, driven by her vengeful thoughts, she signed up for the human enhancement Project Valkyrie and Nexus systems. Entering the test at the age of 21, significantly more senior than the other test subjects, her ability to manipulate Honkai is nowhere as efficient as the younger girls, the side effects of the program even lowered her possible lifespan, that of which Theresa greatly worries about.

She owns her flagship Hyperion and fought the Honkai Apocalypse, later on crossed path with the protagonist team and was persuaded to join them, officially formed the Schicksal Valkryja task force. Even though her Honkai manipulation ability is less ideal than the others, her brilliant decision making and leadership skills still renders her as a valuable asset in the fight against Honkai.[1][2][3]


Some basic details of Himeko: (Sizes may be different due to the Murata Himeko art of Girls Frontline is drawn by Infukun instead of miHoYo's artist)[3]

  • Birthday: June 11th
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Three Sizes: 95-61-92cm

Known for her out-going and professional personality, but she is irritated by the fact that she is still single at such an age, so she regularly turn to binge drinking. Though marriage system is part of Girls Frontline, perhaps Major Himeko will find the happiness she always desired in this game?

Story Involvement[edit]

Himeko presented herself as collaboration character from the world of Honkai Gakuen, as a member of Schicksal Valkyrja she had interactions with the story during Hitoribocchi.


While HG KianaThumb button.pngKiana  was busy fighting against her Aunt HG TheresaThumb button.pngTheresa , Himeko was deep inside the ruins setting up test equipment under Theresa's instructions. Conveniently right after the tests were all done, Theresa also got bored of fighting her niece. Himeko contacted from within the ruins to inform Theresa of her findings. "Sorry you will be disappointed Headmaster, this ruin is nothing like what we've hoped for.", Theresa told her to return to the surface. Came out of the ruins, Himeko saw Kiana and greeted her too: "Ahh, good to see that you're in one piece Kiana.", the ruin entrance is not the way she remembered before she entered the ruins, she quickly sensed something amiss: "Wait... What happened outside, you guys been fighting?". Theresa explained the situation by using all the parts and vocabularies that favored her, soon enough the two Valkyries joined Kiana at the G&K base.

Half an hour later, Headmaster Theresa grasped the full understanding of the situation from Kiana and her adjutant Pipi (SMG PP-90Thumb button.pngPP-90 ), she however stated that Schicksal should not excessively interact with another world, thus she is not going to take part in the fight. She will go and visit the IOP production facilities instead, as a guest. Himeko joined her boss in the production facility tour, "Sorry Headmaster, after seeing what you did outside the ruins, it looks like I MUST go with you this time...", the two planned their to visit the T-doll supply line of G&K while Kiana was told to finish what she have started.

Before they depart, Himeko marked the location of their flagship Hyperion, as it is too dangerous for SG SeeleThumb button.pngSeele  to stay onboard alone. Kiana sent a T-doll to escort Seele back to the base alone. Five minutes later Himeko entered the command room to have a word with Pipi, she expressed how cold and negative Vivi (SMG VectorThumb button.pngVector ) responded to her when she was just trying to make conversations. Pipi said that Vivi behaves like that ever since she came off the production line, she doesn't mean anything bad. Himeko then provided some readings regarding a vortex storm to Kiana, she marked a city ruin 15 kilometres away from the command post, proposing that either RF Raiden MeiThumb button.pngRaiden Mei  or RF BronyaThumb button.pngBronya  must have landed there. After this, Himeko and Theresa departed to visit the production lines.

Completing her sortie, defeating Destroyer in her Gaia form and rescued both Bronya and Mei from the ruins, Kiana returned to the base. Himeko commended her on performance, she also told Kiana that the Headmaster made a T-doll modelled off Kiana, despite saying that she doesn't want to excessively interact with this world. Theresa spoke out over the radio: "It's only a technological collaboration between the superiors, but this is very fascinating! Just put in the collected data of the character and an identical T-doll comes out! She even have the same sleeping pose as you!". Kiana suggested maybe that they can place an order for a male doll just for Himeko, to which she replied that unfortunately IOP does not take that kind of contracts.

However Vector's escort mission just had a drastic turn, her signal disappeared from the HQ. When Bronya suggested that she can infiltrate, Himeko stopped her, "This is an unfamiliar territory Bronya, it is both dangerous and inefficient.". Kiana discovered that the infested does not seem to respond to T-doll as much as they would respond to a human, she sent her adjutant Pipi to search for the area while the fellow Valkyries should help defending the base from the swarming infested.

Seele soon returned to the base, however it wasn't the Seele they expected, moments later emergency alarms were raised in the base. Under Theresa's orders, Himeko engaged her NexusSystem and assisted in the defending along with the other Valkyries, however Seele escaped after kidnapping Bronya, Himeko's physical stamina were also drained from using Nexus, she is unable depart for combat sorties for a while so she will be staying in the base to offer strategic assistance, together with Kiana's new adjutant HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN . 57 provided a strategy which Himeko quickly understood, but they will have to keep Seele busy while the Valkyries find Vector.

Engaging in combat with Seele, 57 chats with the other combat Adjutant Himeko, "You guys sure talks a lot before the fight, we can keep Seele busy for hours at this rate.", Himeko laughed and said: "Kiana is like this, not only she wants to win the fight, she also wants to the argument.". Chit chat aside, Himeko reports that she have understood fully of the structure of the theme park Seele is hiding in, right now they just have to wait for the Valkyries to locate the two missing T-dolls.

Soon the two missing T-dolls have been located, and the plan against Seele proceeded. Utilizing mass amount of Honkai energy now present in this world, Seele is holding her ground against both the G&K T-doll echelons and against her fellow Valkyries. She sensed Theresa who was sneaking nearby and called out her name, "Headmaster Theresa... You are trying to take sister Bronya away from me while they keep me busy right?", much to Seele's surprise Bronya was already taken away from her, by Vector. Himeko contacted over the radio explaining that as a T-doll, Vector cannot carry Honkai signal and does not emit any form of living sense, Seele is unable to detect her, the task of rescuing Bronya was given to Vector all along.

Soon Seele was defeated and returned to her normal self, the operation was successful. Schicksal Valkyrja joined the G&K T-dolls for the biggest celebration party that night before returning to their world. Like all other Valkyries, Himeko's body statues and measurements were taken and an unique T-doll was produced by IOP and assigned under the Commander's units.