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Murata Himeko1007
Full name Murata Himeko
Chinese name 无量塔姬子
Origin Honkai Gakuen
Manufacturer N/A
Artist infukun
Voice actor TBA

Murata Himeko is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

Character introduced during Girls Frontline and Honkai Gakuen collaboration event on November 16th 2017, Himeko appears as an AR type T-doll in Girls Frontline.

Major Murata Himeko of the Anti-Apocalyptic force, prior to joining the UN's army she was an aspiring scientist of the California Institute of Technology, aspired to follow her father's footsteps. She lost everything she owned when the Apocalypse broke out, driven by her vengeful thoughts, she signed up for the human enhancement Project Valkyrie and Nexus systems. Entering the test at the age of 21, significantly more senior than the other test subjects, her ability to manipulate Honkai is nowhere as efficient as the younger girls, the side effects of the program even lowered her possible lifespan, that of which Theresa greatly worries about.

She owns her flagship Hyperion and fought the Honkai Apocalypse, later on crossed path with the protagonist team and was persuaded to join them, officially formed the Schicksal Valkryja task force. Even though her Honkai manipulation ability is less ideal than the others, her brilliant decision making and leadership skills still renders her as a valuable asset in the fight against Honkai.

Character Info


Official character sheet of Himeko

Himeko is presented in her usual outfit of Honkai Gakuen (Guns Girl - School Days Z), her V army suit. She has gold eyes and bright red hair, usually clipped in a lose bundle.

The weapon she use is named Brynhildr KG-6, an obtainable item in Honkai Gakuen by defeating the weekly Himeko boss. The frontal triangular notch is fitted on top of the barrel unlike in Honkai Gakuen, where it was below the barrel.


Some basic details of Himeko: (Sizes may be different due to the Murata Himeko art of Girls Frontline is drawn by Infukun instead of miHoYo's artist)

  • Birthday: June 11th
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Three Sizes: 95-61-92cm

Known for her out-going and professional personality, but she is irritated by the fact that she is still single at such an age, so she regularly turn to binge drinking. Though marriage system is part of Girls Frontline, perhaps Major Himeko will find the happiness she always desired in this game?


Himeko features an immediate debuff skill upon entering the fight (1 second initial CD). She will debuff 3 closest enemy to her, debuffed enemy will deal less damage, move at a slower rate and take additional damage from Himeko's attacks.

Story Involvement

Himeko as a character had minor interactions with the story during Hitori Bocchi.


"This is classified information!"

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Hitori Bocchi

While HG Kiana was busy fighting against her Aunt HG Theresa, Himeko was deep inside the ruins setting up test equipment under Theresa's instructions. Conveniently right after the equipment was all set up, Theresa also got bored of fighting her niece. Himeko appeared out of the ruins to inform Theresa of her tasks' completion, this is also where she made her first appearance to the player (from Kiana's POV). Like all other Honkai characters, Himeko's body statues and measurements were taken and used as a template for an unique T-doll unit made for the player.

Game Data

61(x1)121(x1) / 605(x5)
20(x1) / 60(x5) 20(x1) / 60(x5)
21 58
5 42
6 45
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
43 64
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects submachine guns
Increases damage by 20%
Increases rate of fire by 20%

Rewarded to players after the completion of event map 1-4 of Hitori Bocchi, currently not obtainable


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition ……就是你来指挥我吗?哼……我无量塔姬子还真是被小看了。 ...You will be the one commanding me? Hmm, it appears I, Murata Himeko, have been underestimated.
Introduction 报告!我是无量塔姬子,少佐军衔,隶属于天命女武神部队。目前身体状态良好,随时可以使用Nexus系统进行出击!让我暂时待命?……哼?那这只是一次私聊咯? Major Murata Himeko of the Schicksal Valkyrja, reporting in! Current body condition healthy, can initiate Nexus system and begin mission at any time! Stand by? ...Hmmm? So this is just a private conversation then?
Secretary 你看起来……并不怎么忙嘛。 You don't look very busy...
现在可是在工作中啊,给我好好地认真点。 We're still on the job, do your work.
你已经准备好去死了,是吗? Prepared to die now, are you?
Secretary (post OATH)
If you want to rest, come here, how about... in my embrace?
Huh, you're the first one who dares doing this to me. This seems really childish... But I don't mind it, assuming you are prepared, for the consequences of this action.
T-Doll Produced
Joining an echelon
Logistics (start)
Logistics (end)

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission
Starting a battle
Skill activation
Heavily damaged

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
New Year's Day
Valentine's day


  • Out of all the Girls Frontline character sprites, Himeko's sprite ragdoll the furthest in the death animation.


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