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Logo for Sunborn Network.

Sunborn[1] (散爆) or Mica Team[2] (云母组) is a Shanghai-based game developer directed by Yuzhong (羽中). The company was born rorm a doujin group who created the Guns&Girls series (军武枪械娘) before distributing the visual novel Girl of the BakeHouse in 2008. Mica Team then partnered with developer Game Master to expand on the visual novel with the tactical RPG Codename: Bakery Girl in 2013. Mica's official website from this period can be accessed from, advertising Codename: Bakery Girl brand products and Guns&Girls issues.

In 2015, Mica Team took the official company name Sunborn and announced their mobile game Girls' Frontline in partnership with Game Master. After three beta tests and rising tensions between Sunborn and Game Master, Sunborn unilaterally launched the game in Mainland China on May 20, 2016. The game was later released in Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, in a global English release, and in Japan in 2018. The commercial success of Girls' Frontline enabled Sunborn to announce a remake of Codename: Bakery Girl in 2019, and three Girls' Frontline-related games in 2020. Coming releases have their dedicated website.

The Mica Team logo from Codename: Bakery Girl.


  1. Sunborn is registered on Steam as “Sunborn Games Technology Co., Ltd.” In Girls' Frontline, it is registered as “SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd.”
  2. Various official renditions have been used for the name “Mica Team”: