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MAT-49 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 长官殿下,您就是我命中注定要守护的那个人吗? 指揮官殿、貴方が私が守るべき、運命の人ですか?Play Lord Commander, are you the one that I am fated to defend?
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 长官殿下很喜欢我的头发吗?抚摸的话,还请小心,不要碰掉我的厄运阻生器…… 指揮官殿は、私の髪がお好きですか?うふ、撫でたいのでしたら、どうか 赤運ブロッカーが取れないように、気を付けてください。Play Lord Commander, do you like my hair? Please take care not to knock off my bad luck deflector when touching it...
长官殿下,今天也请让我护送您回去休息吧。我知道基地内还是很安全的,但亲眼确认您平安无事地回到房间内,我才能安心。 指揮官殿、今日も私が帰りの護送をいたします。基地の中が安全なのは承知ですが、この目で貴方の部屋に入ると確認しないと、安心出来ません!Play Lord Commander, allow me to escort you to your rest today. I know the interior of the base is very safe, but I will only be at ease when I personally verify you have arrived safely at your room.
想要成为骑士的理由?倒没有什么特别的……只是想以不会造成困扰的身份守护自己重要的人罢了…… 騎士を目指す理由…ですか?特別な理由などありません。ただ、迷惑にならない立場で、大切な人を守りたいだけです。Play My reason for becoming a knight? It's nothing special... I simply wish to protect the one who is important to me in the role of someone who will not inconvenience them...
Secretary (post OATH)
What have I been doing these past few days? A few days ago while looking through some files, I learned that the knights of old were all equestrians. Therefore, I've spent the past few days capturing horses...
Lord Commander, do you truly wish to entrust me with something so weighty? I know that my skills are not yet adequate, and it is taking all my effort to ensure your safety. However, please do not worry. I will protect your heart, even if it costs me my life.
Greeting 指揮官殿が居ない間、基地の中は平穏無事でした。Play The base was relatively peaceful while you were away, Lord Commander.
T-Doll Produced 新しい仲間ですか?一緒にお守りいたします!Play Is that a new companion? Let us do our best to protect her!
Joining an echelon 必ず、ご期待に添えます!Play I'll be sure to live up to your expectations!
Enhancement 指揮官殿のご好意は、強く心に留めて置きます。Play I shall bear in mind the favor that the Lord Commander has shown me.
Dummy-linking 指揮官殿を守りする力が、さらに強くなりました!Play The power to protect the Lord Commander has grown even stronger!
Logistics (start) 私居ない間は、どうか元気でいて下さい!Play Please take care of yourself while I'm away!
Logistics (end) ただいま戻りました。何か変わった事はありましたか?Play I have returned. Has there been any changes?
Autobattle 悪運ブロッカーは、無事にある様に…Play The bad luck deflector still seems to be okay...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 指揮官殿の為に、出撃!Play In the name of the Lord Commander, advance!
Starting a battle 恐れるな!私が君達の盾になろう!Play Don't be afraid! I shall be your shield!
Skill activation 誰とであろうとう、私の全身を止める事を出来ない!Play No matter who it is, I alone shall halt their advance!
私に続け!Play Follow me!
指揮官殿の、栄光の為に!Play For the glory of the Lord Commander!
Heavily damaged うぐ…それでも…私は…諦めない!Play Guh...even so...I...will never give up!
Retreat 私の悪運ブロッカーはいつの間に…Play My bad luck deflector...
MVP この栄光は、指揮官殿のもの!Play This glory belongs to the Lord Commander!
Restoration うぐ…これくらいの痛み…なんて事ないです!Play Ugh...this much nothing!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 指揮官殿、隠れて下さい!今基地 まさに百鬼夜行を…!私一人で対抗出来るかどうか…!とにかく、声を潜めて、隠れていて下さい!Play Lord Commander, please hide at once! The base is in utter chaos right now...! I'm not sure how much longer I can hold off...! Anyways, lower your voice and hide!
Christmas 指揮官殿、メリークリスマス。私の作った防犯ぶざをプレゼントします。これを鳴らせば、私がすぐ駆けつけます!Play Merry Christmas, Lord Commander. Please take this security bag I made for you. Ring this bell, and I'll rush to your side as soon as I can!
New Year's Day 指揮官殿、明けましておめでとうございます。新たな一年も、私が側でお守りいたします!


Happy New Year, Lord Commander. I shall protect you this year as well!
Valentine's day 指揮官殿、頂いたチョコは先にチェックをさせて下さい。全ての人形の料理モジュールが、食品安全対策の合格したとは保証出来ませんので。


Lord Commander, please let me check the chocolate first. We cannot guarantee that all doll cooking modules have passed food safety measures.
Tanabata 指揮官殿、今晩の天体観賞は、お供させて下さい。邪魔するつもりのはありません。ただ…なにか落ちて…貴方に当たったら大変なので…


Lord Commander, allow me to accompany you to tonight's astronomical viewing. I'm not going to disturb you. But... if something falls... it's going to hit you hard...