M16A1 (Boss)

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M16A1 (Boss)
Full name M16A1
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  when she went her own way following the end of Chapter 8-4E.


M16A1 (Boss) Makes her appearance during the Prologue of Singularity later returning as the boss of E3's Hidden mission. M16 also makes a return in Major Event Isomer as the boss of the Event.


Dont underestimate "Our" Big Sister, M16A1 (Boss) is just as threatening as a boss as any other, upon engaging M16, she'll fire at us the same way she would when she was on our side, however M16 has a few tricks up her sleeve that makes her a lot more intimidating compared other SF bosses. On the top of being Armoured, here are some things you can expect her to do.

After a few seconds of firing, M16 will toss a flashbang at our girls, stunning them for 4 seconds, you cant avoid this, it will stun all your girls.

M16 will occasionally aim her gun towards the sky and fire a beacon into the air causing it to land randomly on our field, girls who are present where the marker is will take constant damage over time.

Line Grenade:
M16 will occasionally aim for 2 second before tossing 3 grenades at a column or lane on our side damaging units caught in the explosions, these grenades can target either vertically or horizontally.

Orbital Strike:
When M16 gets below 25% HP, calls upon support from Dreamer to fire an orbital strike at a random target dealing constant damage to targets within a 1 tile radius of the orbital strike.

Lore / Story involvement

The cause for M16's corrupted change can be traced to her actions following the end of Chapter 8-4E. Where she deliberately injected herself with Paraplue in order to gain access to SF infrastructure and find information necessary to save her sister.