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M12 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition Ciao! M12冲锋枪,从今天起跟随您的指挥。指挥官,要我立即上阵吗! チャオ(Ciao)!ベレッタM12短機関銃、今日から指揮お願いします。Play Ciao! M12 submachine gun will be following your orders from now on. Commander, do you want me to sortie immediately?
Introduction M12冲锋枪,推出的两年后成为制式武器。虽然没有什么独创之处,但是稳定可靠的性能,让我还算有些自信呢. M12 SMG, Used as a standardized weapon two years after released. Even though I don't have any innovative aspects, but I'm proud of my stable performance and reliability.
Secretary 指挥官,有命令吗,我随时可以就位! 指揮官、ご命令ですか?いつでも行けますよ。Play Commander, do you have any orders for me? I'm ready to deploy any time.
请您放心,指挥官,我最努力的! ご安心を、指揮官。私頑張ります。Play Don't worry, Commander, I'll try my best.
人气吗?那种东西无所谓啦,我只要做好自己的事就可以了。 人気?そんなのはどうでもいいの。私は自分の道を歩むだけ。Play Popularity? That kinda things doesn't matter to me. I just need to do well at my job.
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, did you run into any trouble today? We've been through worse, so don't give up so easily~
C-Commander, is this for real? Even if you say so, how do I work hard on something like this? But...it's alright, as long as I'm with you, we can overcome any problems, right?
Greeting 终于换我登场了,不用担心把一切交给我吧。 やっと出番ね。遠慮せず私に任せてください。Play Finally, my chance to shine, don't worry and leave everything to me.
T-Doll Produced 又是新伙伴呢,我也得努力了。 また新しい仲間ね、私も頑張らなくっちゃ。Play Another new companion, looks like I have to work harder now.
Joining an echelon 了解了! 了解!Play Understood!
Enhancement 好啊! 良~~しPlay Yeah!
Dummy-linking 谢谢您,指挥官。一起努力吧。 感謝します、指揮官。共に頑張ります。Play Thank you, Commander, let's work hard together.
Logistics (start) 了解,立刻出发。 ラジャー、直ちに出発します。Play Understood, leaving right away.
Logistics (end) 任务完成,即将归队。 任務完了、帰還します。Play Mission accomplished, rejoining ranks.
Autobattle 让我来帮忙吧。 手伝って上げます。Play Let me help.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 机会来了,M12出发。 チャンスが来た。M12出発します。Play Nice opportunity, M12 moving out.
Starting a battle 发现敌人,歼灭开始! 敵発見、殲滅開始!Play Enemy contact, fire!
Skill activation 来吧! 来い!Play Come on!
不准跑! 逃げるな!Play You're not escaping!
别犹豫,攻击! 油断しないで、攻撃!Play Do not hesitate, attack!
Heavily damaged 怎么能在这种地方败北! こんなところで、負けてたまるか!Play I can't lose here!
Retreat 不管都么努力,都是徒劳吗...? いくら頑張ても、無駄…か?Play All of my hard work have been for nothing...?
MVP 虽然不是甚么了不起的事,但我也努力了呢! 大して特別なことではないけど、私、頑張りました!Play Might not be that impressive, but I've done my best!
Restoration 这份屈辱,我一定会讨回来的。 この屈辱、必ず返します。Play Such a shameful display, I will have my retributions.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween ハロウィン?これはどうやって頑張るイベントなのかな?お祝いとか?じゃあ、お菓子をくれないとイタズラするぞ!Play Halloween? Is this an event where you work hard? Celebration? Well then, I'll prank you if you don't give me any sweets!
Christmas メリークリスマス指揮官!Play Merry Christmas, Commander!
New Year's Day 指揮官、明けましておめでとうございます。去年の私はどうだった?本当?ありがとう。今年も頑張るからね。


Happy New Year, Commander. How was me last year? Really? Thank you. I will do my best this year.
Valentine's day 指揮官今日は私頑張って。これ作ってきたの!見た目は悪いけど…もらってください!


Commander, I did my best today. I made this! It looks bad but ... please get it!
Tanabata 私のお願い?他でもないよ。みんなと一緒に頑張って勝利をつ掴むこと。いつだって変わらないよ。


My request? It is none other than. Do your best with everyone and win. It will never change.