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KSVK Story Quotes

Artist Canon[edit]

(Note: This section is based on various posts from SG DP-12Thumb button.pngDP-12  and RF KSVKThumb button.pngKSVK 's illustrator Pandea work and as such should be treated separately from the two characters official in-game representations.)

8 years prior to the current game timeline, KSVK was just a custom made android child (Children's day CG) adopted by a wealthy family and was given the name душевный (Dushevnyy) meaning "Sincere", "Soulful" or "Heartwarming". She was a very smart child after receiving the elite level of education provided by the family.

However this family estate was destroyed by a terrorist attack (Children's day damaged CG), having lost her legal guardians in the attack, she became an orphan, following the event an elite T-Doll (implied to be DP-12) from the local police department who was responsible for countering the terrorist attack and rescuing the little girl, stepped up and adopted her.

A few years later, out of desire of vengeance she left the doll family and began wandering aimlessly, however an unexplained event happened in which she lost her memory as a result. After being recovered and modified by I.O.P she was given the name KSVK and found a new job with G&K.

Digimind Upgrade[edit]

Prior to KSVK getting her digimind upgrade, she was having a problem with her neural cloud space that keeps bringing up a vague old memory, this was due to KSVK's old original body being heavily damaged (although her neural cloud was intact) when IOP took her in and converted her to a Tactical Doll.

KSVK's original name was душевный (Dushevnyy) and she was originally a caretaker doll with the physique of a child tasked to take care of an old lady (Lady James) together with Helena (DP-12's original name). Not long after Dushevnyy's and Helena's job was finished, Helena bought Dushevnyy's and her own freedom from the nursing home. This was due to Helena feeling guilty having Dushevnyy felt like she was abandoned by Lady James and she was facing a memory reset from the trauma. She suffered a tremendous psychological blow and kept on singing an old song and practiced her painting over and over again just like when she was together with Lady James. This however resulted in Dushevnyy developing envy towards Helena on how people are dependent on her and so that she wouldn't be cast away again. One day she left Helena a letter while she was at work mentioning that she wants to be a Tactical Doll and ran away on her own. Her actions however resulted in her loss of memory as Dushevnyy.

Helena (now named DP-12) after a long search finally found Dushevnyy (now named KSVK) working for G&K also started working for them while pestering on KSVK trying to bring back her old memory as Dushevnyy revealing that they're actually mother and daughter although this was flat out rejected by KSVK due to the nature of dolls having familial relationship is impossible while calling DP-12 delusional. DP-12 however finally succeeded in bringing back KSVK's old memories when she brought her to the old nursing house which is now in ruins. After KSVK regained her memories she finally got her digimind upgrade retaining some of her old body's traits like her eyes and hairstyle so that she won't forget her past as Dushevnyy and no longer fear the future as KSVK.

Ashe's Letter[edit]

An important letter given to RF KSVKThumb button.pngKSVK  from SG DP-12Thumb button.pngDP-12  upon getting her to MOD3, you'll be able to view this letter in the in-game mailbox and it'll expire in a week.

Click to reveal.
To my dear Duchevnyy:

To begin with, I need to apologize to you. Back then, I was so anxious to visit my family that I forgot to bid farewell to you, who had been keeping me company all this time, and Helena.

...By the time I came back, you were no longer here. Perhaps that was punishment for my arrogance from the Heavens.

I know that you might not be able to receive this letter, but I wrote it anyway, in the hopes that it might someday reach your hands.

Should you tire of working in the rest home, you are always welcome in my home. I am living in a safe zone now, where the grass is green, the flowers bloom, and the birds chirp in the trees.

My granddaughter is an obedient girl, different from yourself. I like her, and I like you. I will always love you and her, and do what a grandmother ought to do.

Of course, you are probably keeping another pathetic old codger company. Surely everyone will like and open their hearts to an adorable and pure girl like yourself.

I know that is your job. You will love that senior citizen the way you loved me. And you will gently hold a shattered heart in your hands, just like how you did when you saved me. That is your nature.

Your heart is as soft as your hands. Perhaps you will need to reformat it after being hurt, or perhaps you will overcome it, and carry your memories and experiences on to your next destination.

While you can return to the factories for repair countless times, your memories are irreplaceable. With your memories, you are an irreplaceable part of my family.

I love you, and for every day that remains in my life, I will await your return letter.

With love, Ashe James