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KLIN Strategy Story Quotes


Official character setting mentions: KLIN is a self proclaimed Number 1 servicing T-doll of G&K, her combat style is WILD, half of the time she doesn't know what she actually hit. But secretly she is a crybaby who can be easily hurt emotionally, her biggest fear is being alone.

Story Involvement[edit]

KLIN's only story involvement is during Operation Deep Dive, conveniently it also explained her arrival in G&K.


"This is classified information!"

This article contains spoilers. You have been warned.

Deep Dive[edit]

Before taking up their latest contract, Task force 404 received training on their electronic attack software that is aimed to infiltrate a network electronically via Android's Digi-mind. Conveniently for 404, their practice target showed up right at their doorstep when they needed one. KLIN logged in on a wrong terminal while verifying her identity in the G&K base, she entered a protected region, her Digi-mind is immediately separated and each pieces are placed in lock-down.

404 encountered this situation and decided to rescue KLIN as their practice with the software, completely oblivious to the danger KLIN gotten herself into, she complained along the way with loud voice, mostly regarding how G&K have terrible treatments for first timers and the terrible login service. Upon completely fusing her Digi-mind back together, 404's rescue exercise is now finished, KLIN woke up again in G&K HQ.

Having forgotten all about what happened in Atlas space, she immediately got back to yelling at anything she lays her eyes on. She mistake Kalina as a T-doll upon laying her eyes on her, she started yelling even louder when Kalina offered to give her some toys, mistaking her as an average T-doll who have child like behaviours. Kalina would comment she is quite an aspiring T-doll though, but she is unsure about why KLIN was rebooted at the login terminal and why her memories were reset. KLIN joined the Commander's echelons shortly afterwards.