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Official character description states that K2 is outgoing as a character but also keeps a level-headed personality, she often takes the responsibility of looking after her successors as their senior, because of this she sometimes acts superior on purpose, the situation quickly turns awkward if a junior were to point out the errors she made.

She enjoys eating spicy food, but however she is not particularly good at eating things that are too spicy, she just enjoys the feel of the heat waves. Her voice line about spicy wings follows the pattern of the Chinese version of the D&D nine alignment meme (her line is patterned after neutral evil).[1]

Story Involvement[edit]

K2 is one of the five T-Dolls who represented Girls Frontline during the DJMax: Respect collaboration event: Glory Day, as a main character, she had interaction with the event.


"This is classified information!"

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Glory Day[edit]

K2 is the captain of her squadron, the other members of K2's squadron include HG M950AThumb button.pngM950A  as the vice-captain, HG ThunderThumb button.pngThunder , MG AEK-999Thumb button.pngAEK-999  and SMG TMPThumb button.pngTMP  as squad members.

K2's squadron is assigned to guard a city ruin away from the front line, the city ruin holds very little value to both factions of the war, so the squadron sees very little combat action. K2 was given temporary Command Protocol access permission, so her squadron is able to operate without a human Commander. The squadron's daily life is relatively boring and dull, though it doesn't stop M950A from trying her best everyday to keep everyone in high spirit and good shape, since she is the vice-captain and the duty officer.

Pocket City Scenery

When the base proxy alarm was set off by a Ferri logistic convoy passing by, the squadron assembled in the command room awaiting further instructions from their leader K2. Relaying and rechecking information back with the main units, K2 said they are not expected to engage this group as they possess very little threat to both themselves and main units. 950 however as the vice captain suggested that they should go and attack this convoy to keep everyone in shape, K2 agreed to dispatch, but she held a vote with her squad members anyway. TMP shook her head in panic and disagreement, AEK suggested they should sit tight for more scout reports, while 950 and Thunder both voted for moving in to engage. The final score is 3 to 2, the squadron dispatches to assault the convoy.

Since it was a logistic convoy, even T-Dolls who haven't fired a single shot for weeks made short work of them. After making a short complain regarding the Ferri being too weak and lack of excitement, AEK returned to the city ruins. Convinced that AEK is a slacker and was determined to catch her slacking red handed this time, 950 dragged Thunder along with her and went after AEK. K2 and TMP also made their way back to their garrison.

K2 kept a little scheme behind her vice captain's back, on top of being a captain of an independent operating squadron, K2 is also known as "Windtalker" in the cyber world of Pocket City. While setting up an access point to the squadron's local data server, TMP accidentally integrated an old game save, the world of Pocket City now exists within the local server. Pocket City is a lively and colourful city full of fairies, when K2 entered the world, she discovered Sangvis Ferri influence within Pocket City, the Ferri kidnaps the residents and takes away their memories, without memories the fairies will turn into zombie like Rogue Programs. AEK, TMP and K2 are part of an organization within Pocket City known to the residents as ATK, an acronym of their initials, they connect themselves to the Atlas space and enters the world of Pocket City to maintain peace whenever they have free times.

The three enters Pocket City as usual today with AEK ahead of them, when K2 arrives to combat the Ferri raiders, she discovered her vice captain and Thunder had also discovered Pocket City. 950 and Thunder was about to engage the raiders, K2 contacted them asking for their assistance of her plan, K2 can summon NPC T-Doll units based on the Commander's forces with her command protocols, while this serves as a mainframe force to fight the Ferri raiders, 950 and Thunder will evacuate the residents to a local bar for shelter, K2 also promised to explain everything after this mission.

Entrance of Game Graveyard
Inside Game Graveyard

After a series of street fights, K2 successfully driven the raiders away towards the city's outskirt. Luckily K2 decided to find TMP first instead of heading to the bar, otherwise her vice captain may have began the process of interrogation on the poor TMP. K2 approached the alley way where 950 is sat on top of the captured TMP, "Alright, you want to know what's going on?", K2 explained the situation to the other two, regarding Pocket City, regarding their adventure here. K2 felt like that they are responsible for the Ferri invasion here, because the Ferri units are modeled based on the squadron's local server data. Due to their heroic deeds, the fairies gave them nicknames, K2 is known as Windtalker, TMP is Cat Warrior while AEK is named Black Rider. But K2 also mentioned that despite their efforts ATK were still unable to locate the source of the invasion, and this time they are also unable to contact their missing member AEK.

From what the fairy suggests, AEK is out searching for Game Graveyard, a mythical place none of the residents knows or remembers where it is located at. TMP claims she had a trail on a fairy twins who might lead them to the Game Graveyard, however the trail was lost when 950 suddenly appeared and frightened her. Luckily for them this time, the twins appeared before them and promised to lead them to the Game Graveyard, the group journeys with the twins. Time passed by quickly while the group had conversations, regarding their latest discoveries, regarding themselves, regarding the Ferri influence, they soon found themselves at the front gate of Game Graveyard.

With a slight push, 950 opened up the gate, the group marched into the graveyard. Having finally located the mythical place, the group cannot help but to comment on the graffiti and what is actually written on the tombstones, the twin fairy who stayed silent through out the journey finally spoke up: "Not only the living things can die.", "Fairies with their memory taken away will become like this.", the twins refers to the rumbling noise below the ground. K2's squadron is now under attack from mass amount of Rogue Programs, they gathered up and prepared to defend themselves against the horde.

Towards the end of the fight AEK revealed herself and the truth about the Rogue Programs, when 950 was about to kill the two remaining rogue programs, AEK appeared and stopped her. AEK turned to the two Programs, gave them their missing piece, a pair of earphones that played a song, it reminded them of their lost memories, in a flash of light the Rogue Programs returned to their normal form, Sehra & Nina. AEK explained that those two fairies are her friends, they were just kidnapped by Sangvis Ferri and had their memories stolen, AEK promised to save them.

"Well, you see 950, I do study in my own times, I'm just studying the music history the humans left behind.", AEK answers the inquiry 950 had for her earlier in front of the internet cafe. When confronted by the group claiming that she wishes to leave the real world and stay in this one, AEK denied that claim, "Seriously, am I really that unreliable to you guys? I'm just here to save my friend as promised.". The brief reunion is soon interrupted again, with all the Rogue Programs killed and Sehra Nina returned to their normal forms, the antagonist revealed herself on top of a tombstone, Fail made a grand entrance and appeared before the group, introducing herself as the owner of the Pocket City.

As revealed, the world of Pocket City haven't changed for 50 years as the Third World War ended in the real world, Pocket City is abandoned by humanity, with no new music being made, with no new contents being added. As the owner of this world she is taking everyone's memories away for the sake of keeping hold of what little remains of their happiness, if they forget about the fact that they were abandoned, they will all be happy. Fail is able to siphon memories even from a T-Doll's Digi-mind, which explains why the logout options was missing for the entire squad, she even constructed Sangvis Ferri units based on external memory information that was leaked into the world to reinforce her reign.

After a brief exchange of words, Fail unleash her music, she cast the group into different mind dimensions to attack them all separately and psychologically in attempt to siphon their memories, AEK, TMP and K2 were sent to different sections of a maze, while 950 and Thunder were sent into a dream world consist of only themselves. AEK was found by Fail in the maze right away, she was ready to fight a hopeless fight against Fail alone in her nightmare, but she was soon backed up by K2 then TMP.

AEK had her friends Sehra & Nina to guide K2 and TMP out of their nightmare, since they remembered the way around, being rescued, TMP and K2 quickly located AEK and arrive to help out in her nightmare. When backed up by her captain and TMP, Fail retreated from the fight to carry out with her next grand plan at the concert at the Black Square, with her new favourite.

"AEK you idiot!" TMP suddenly remarks, the two is angry at AEK for taking suicidal way of saving them, they almost failed to reach AEK in her nightmares. After hearing the educational speech from her captain, AEK laughs, "...Damn, I'm getting told off again even when I tried to save everyone.", she followed up saying: "Alright, I'll behave, but I physically can't be as nice girl as Thunder and 950... Speaking off which...", Sehra and Nina apologized saying Fail have hidden those two too deeply they failed to find them. The three quickly discussed the combat plan TMP thought of before entering the world, regarding how to save their comrades and the entire Pocket City. K2's squadron soon departed to carry out the plan, K2 headed straight for the concert at Black Square, TMP headed to procure the item essential to their combat plan, while AEK set off to find Thunder and 950.

At the Black Square the final battle is now setting stage. Fail addresses all the Rogue Programs who gathered at the square, to submit to her rules and to witness the execution of the last existing residents. Fail was about to execute the fairy with rabbit ears who she captured by taking away her memories entirely, K2 arrived and interrupted the execution, she promised to bring back the memories of the resident, even though the Rogue Programs remained silent to K2's words. K2 have now began deploying forces and fighting Fail in the Black Square, through her tactics and commands K2 was able to break through Fail's Ferri forces and strike her directly. However Fail recovered her full strength by consuming a Rogue Program. Fail also revealed her trump card, Ms Fallen Angel.

With her memory being taken, Fail gave a new set of memories for 950, she now appears before the crowd at the concert as Fallen Angel, she delivered an energetic performance of "Fallen Angel" that empowered Fail and her rogue program minions. After the song is finished, Fail proposed that her and Fallen Angel should perform a song together, but when Fail started the music, a different tune played. Through K2's smart tactics, the rabbit eared fairy manage to change the remix to "I Want you", the music performed by Sehra Nina empowered her and reminded her of her own name, Suee.

A group of fairies approached and grabbed hold of 950 on the stage in attempt to pull her off, Fail tried to prevent 950 from falling into the crowd, Suee rammed herself into Fail and 950 is now in the hands of the fairies. However in the process Suee was caught by Fail, Fail drained all the strength from Suee and she disappeared in front of everyone. The captured 950 does not remember any of her Comrades, she struggled to break free just to perform on the stage again.

K2 regrouped her forces and began fighting Fail up close, while the group of fairies smuggled 950 out of the square. Every time Fail is pushed to her limits, she capture a Rogue Program and siphons the strength from it, K2 then regroup and launch an assault from a different direction. No one knows how long the battle raged on for. When Fail was pushed to the edge once again, she desperately searched for Rogue programs to recover her strength, but there aren't any left, she had consumed them all, no one is left in the city, except for her and the T-Dolls, no more Rogue Programs, no more Ferri raiders, no more residents. The continuous battle also left heavy stress on K2's Digi-mind conditions, K2 is also at her limits due to the excessive usage of her command protocol.

All the band members of ATK

A familiar figure appeared, 950 now approached the group, Fail is excited upon seeing this, she requested 950 to perform for her and give her strength through her music. 950 agreed to sing, however the song she performed was not Fallen Angel, but the song she listened to at the bar together with her best friend. Her performance healed and empowered the G&K T-Doll echelons along with their captain K2. "What is the meaning of this!? This is not the song I chose for you!", "No it isn't, this is the song she chose herself." Thunder appeared behind 950, "This is the song she truly wishes to sing."

Being void of memories, Thunder took 950 around the city all day after she was taken away from the concert. The two spent the whole day together while the battle raged on at the Black Square against Fail. After leaving the concert are Black Square, they rode along the metro line "Miles", they walked along the boulevard all day, they returned to the bar at the end and listened to "Only for you". The two made new memories together in the short time and once again became best friends.

Fail have no more strength to continue the fight, at this time TMP arrived and delivered a gaming device to Fail, as a gift, to restore her memories. Through the game device Fail made contact with the G&K's Commander, she now learnt that the outside world never forgotten or abandoned Pocket City, their songs were always played in some corner of the world. With her hatred cast aside and her memories restored, Fail returned to her usual self, Clear. She agreed to venture outside Pocket City and see what the world have became, through the hands of IOP, Clear's electronic data is written as a T-Doll Digi-mind and she joined the family of G&K.

One month after K2's squadron's squadron escaped from Pocket City, K2 reports their adventures into an alternative dimension to the FN Squadron's Five-seveN. After the report K2 asked whether 57 keeps up with their weekly broadcast on the GKTV, to which 57 laughed and replied saying she have never missed a single show. The G&K's own rock band known as ATK is now live, with 950 as the lead singer, Clear as the guitarist, Thunder as the drummer, AEK as the bassist, TMP as the keyboard player and K2 as their manager. ATK now delivers energetic performance and songs every week on GKTV, from the city ruins they are stationed in.