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IDW Strategy Story Quotes


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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IDW has a very energetic character which has contributed largely to her infamous status among players, likely owing to the fact that the weapon itself is one of the few that is powered by a battery. Her speech mannerisms also include heavy use of cat puns.

Some of her dialogue suggests that she sees herself as a stray cat. This is likely a reference to how the Bushman IDW was never formally adopted by the British military nor found any popularity in the civilian market. Additionally she believes herself to be a very capable bodyguard and finds great pride in being able to protect her comrades in combat. While she often has a very positive and upbeat attitude, IDW appears to express annoyance at being compared to a pistol. This is likely due to the compact nature of the Bushmaster IDW to fit its role as a PDW.