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Full name Model SP721 "Hunter"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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A combat type Ringleader of Sangvis Ferri, her actual classification is Mobile Combat type android. She's very agile and intellect, suitable for harassing and pursuing in combat, typically found in solo combat operations, but she can unleash higher potentials when teamed up with Scarecrow and Executioner.

Like most combat type Ringleaders, her command capability is relatively low when compared to Command types, meaning she usually cannot command as many normal SF units. She'd often work together with Scarecrow and Executioner, the three answers directly to Intruder or to Gager.

She is typically calm, and likes to leave the enemy no options to escape and has various methods to capture them alive again. She's very arrogant when fighting G&K, despite this, she disdains using underhanded methods.

Her weapon of choice are twin handguns, her combat efficiency comes from rapid movement speed and successive accurate shots, she is even able to fire her handguns rapidly for a short duration.

Stats / Data

Chapter 3 and Emergency

Operation Cube

Operation Cube+

Arctic Warfare

Deep Dive


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Hunter's first story appearance was in chapter 3, when she attempted to capture AR M4A1 of AR Squadron, later on in the chapter she relayed all the intelligence files Scarecrow, Executioner and herself gathered to Intruder.

During the event of Operation Cube, Hunter was subjugated by Ouroboros and served as her attack dog throughout that campaign.

As a combat type Ringleader, Hunter was often sent on attacking mission task forces and took part in various battles, operations and campaigns.

Chapter 3: 3-6, 3-4E

Operation Cube: E1-2

Operation Cube+: E1-2, E2-1 and E2-4

Arctic Warfare: Fall Into The Rabbit Hole (Ex Map)

Deep Dive: Imaginary Maze (Ex Map)