Harvey Welkin

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Harvey Welkin
Full name Havier Witkin
Affiliation IOP
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN

Havier Witkin is the chief executive officer and founder of Important Operation Prototype Manufacturing Company, or I.O.P. for short. Witkin appears to be a half witted old man, with strange sense of humour and frequent untimely interjection of poor jokes.

He makes his first in-game appearance in Chapter 9, as he showed up uninvited to the military press conference and banquet. Witkin presented himself during the banquet much to General Carter's dismay, introducing himself to Kryuger and the player, made smack remarks to Carter and his men, and left some "unsolicited comments" shortly before he was escorted out.


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Through various dialogues it is known that Witkin served in the army during the Third World War, it is also through the war he became acquainted with Kryuger and Carter. Served in different units, but their fate intertwined when they all came across the Precursor Derelict OKb-413 "Barracuda" at Minsk. Witkin entered the scene of automation and service dolls after the war, eventually would find himself as the CEO of I.O.P..

Character Info


"This is classified information!"

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Given their past interactions, Mr Kryuger had known Witkin for a long time, he commentted stating that Witkin may appear to be a sleazy man but he would never speak untruthfully. Witkin appears to be at a similar age as Kryuger and Carter, he has difficulty walking without his walking stick, as his right leg was wounded possibly during the war. Witkin has connections with many different departments and knows different people, as demonstrated by showing up to a military press conference banquet unannounced and uninvited, being able to assist the Security Bureau's field agent Angie and capable of procuring dangerous articles such as the Precursor Collapse fluids during the event of Singularity. The precursors Havier provided to Ange were then used in the Collapse Fluid dirty bomb set off at the start of Continuum Turbulence.

After the event of Continuum Turbulence and the arrest of Mr Kryuger, Witkin announced that I.O.P. will officially be the sponsor for G&K and provides work contracts for the company.



  • In-game files refer to him as "Havel", and there have been instances where his name was translated as Havel in-game (Singularity being one example).
  • Prior to the official release of Chapter 9 on the English server, his name was translated by players most commonly as Harvey Welkin.