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Full name Guard
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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High-end Sangvis Ferri combat doll, equipped with shields and short-ranged weaponry. As their appearance suggests, they are high-defense protector-types, typically used to screen important units, or to serve as high-end vanguard units for big pushes.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Attack range: Short
  • Health: Very High
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: Low
  • Movement speed: Slow
  • Skill/Passive: Yes
    • SWAP Guard: "When unit stops advancing, deploys a damage absorbing shield equal to their TOTAL HEALTH POINTS for a few seconds, cannot attack while shield is active."


Guards first appear as the boss of chapter 3-3 and become an increasingly common sight as the game progresses. They become extremely common starting around Chapter 5.


The bodyguard of the Sangvis Ferri regulars, Guards are the toughest Sangvis unit in common circulation by far, except for the armored Aegis or maybe the quicker Dragoon. Their damage output is extremely low - Guards are offensively barely the equivalent of Handgun T-Dolls in this regard - their bodies are reinforced with extensive subdermal plating and redundant survival mechanisms, and they are equipped with massive composite armor shields. The role of these units is painfully simple: Advance forward and soak the damage that would otherwise tear the rest of the unit to shreds, so the heavy hitters of the squads can bring their weapons to bear. If a corridor opens up, Guards have a secondary role: To force their way through the breach and break through the player's lines, but their sluggish movement rate means they are nowhere near as good at this as Dragoons.

Guards do not rely on armor like the comparable Aegis unit. Instead they tank through sheer health, frequently having more HP per individual doll than entire low-level squads have per echelon. The bad news is that this insanely high health pool makes them extremely hard to focus down; the good news is that they don't rely on armor so Assault Rifles and SMGs do just as well as MGs and Rifles against them. While they do actually have some range due to their pistols (unlike the Aegis, which has to get close), Guards don't have much, and because their damage is so low, even the weediest T-Dolls shouldn't have much trouble weathering their attacks.

Instead, the problem with Guards is who they are accompanying - traditionally, Guards act as screeners for Vespids, Jaegers, Dragoons, and Strikers, and can even serve as bodyguards for Sangvis Ringleaders. By protecting these units, they can ensure that Vespids can always get in a few volleys, that Jaegers can get into position to cause big damage, that Dragoons can survive long enough to engage the front line, and that Strikers can set up and begin spinning up the guns. By far the worst unit they can be teamed with is Brutes, who will rush your line while your forces are busy with the guards and can do enormous damage to your T-Dolls if they get in range.

Rifles are your best counter to Guards - because Rifles prioritize the back lines, they'll go after the units that actually matter, and not waste time on the meat walls. Failing this, high burst damage T-Dolls and AOE effects are your friends; Abilities like Antipersonnel Grenade, High-Explosive Grenade, Frag Grenade, and Incendiary Grenade are actually extremely helpful against Guards, because while they will tank the bulk of the damage from all but Antipersonnel Grenade with ease, Guards have a notorious tendency to bunch up, which means one grenade can often hit a bunch of them (even more if a Dragoon unit or the like is trying to slip past).

In the later stages of Isomer players will encounter SWAP SF units for the first time, and Guards are one of the units that received an upgrade, increasing their base HP and granting them a skill which deploys a damage absorbing shield when the SWAP Guards stop advancing.

Lore / Story involvement

Guards are one of the youngest Sangvis regular-types, having been produced specifically to counter opponents that had determined (correctly) that Sangvis Ferri's more critical units were rather vulnerable if isolated. In particular, Sangvis hit upon the idea of fielding them alongside Jaeger units immediately, and completely changed how the latter was used by Sangvis in the process - moving from isolated sniper teams to dedicated hunting packs in urban and rough terrain designed to eliminate pockets of resistance.


  • Their brightly-colored, purple dyed hair is intended to help Sangvis Ferri commander dolls quickly pinpoint the location of their lead units, and also the fastest direction to the frontline.
  • Despite their shields, Guards are one of the lightest-dressed Sangvis dolls, wearing what can charitably be called a plated bikini, owing mostly to their subdermal plating and internal defenses.