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This page is a list of tasks that needs to be completed, tasks of higher priority will be moved up on the list.


There are several pages tagged with the Stubs category, which need to be expanded. Please see Category:Stubs for a list of all pages which need further work.

T-Doll Production

Adding information on T-Doll Production, particularly the chances of getting t-dolls of different rarity.

Equipment Production

Adding formula caps and common formulas.


For information on how to edit T-Doll pages, visit Community Guideline for details.

Skill icons and skill names

Most aren't up to date with the latest game version. Updated: Skill names and icon from No.1 to No.50 have been checked and edited. Visitors are welcomed to finish the rest, just remember to report your progress by commenting here. All ARs' skill names and icons have been checked and fixed.


Most T-Doll are missing Chinese/Japanese/English quotes.

See also: Category:English_line_translation_needed


The characterid needs to be filled properly to get the voices to be displayed.

Missing Info

Some of the latest T-dolls have crucial information missing in infobox. If you have the knowledge, please help improve those pages.

See also: Category:Missing_Info

Also, there are many missing files per T-Doll

  • Missing dormitory chibi animation files
  • Missing chibi images
  • Missing Modification costumes

T-Doll Template

  • Split up the current layout
    • Make all artwork stick together
    • Make all T-Doll stats stick together
  • Show all stats at once (Default as well as mods)
  • Make an own tap for "How to obtain" as there can be several ways (multiple events)
  • There is a bug on Live2d animations on default outfit
  • There is a bug on the chibi animations. Switch an animation to "dormitory" and then change the costume.
  • Create a button to make it fullscreen
  • Documentation has to be refreshed

T-Doll Overview

  • Make the index page fill up automatically
  • Make the Navbox fill up automatically
  • Add an overview which makes it possible to search for "Has Live2D" and "Has costume"
  • Maybe add an indicator for new T-Dolls? So like, a release date for T-Dolls so one can sort them to see which are the newest ones
  • Maybe add categories for "Event only" and "Drop Only" T-Dolls
  • There is no way to find out when a doll or equipment got released. We should create a small list of like 10 entries about the last additions to the wiki


Combat mechanics need to be filled. If you're interested but have no knowledge of all the mechanics/formulas, visit the wiki discord channel. Also, the planning mode is missing and should be added.


  • General overview of what to buy in the shop
  • Maybe some help on how to buy it / restrictions
  • General advice
  • Continuous translation of short-time-buyables


Missing all the furniture info on Dormitory page. If you're willing to do some furniture set translation, please leave a message at our discord channel.


We currently are missing images of the tactical maps for all in-game missions. We also need (at the very least) the S-rank requirements for each mission. Guides for completing or S-ranking missions would be appreciated, but are not of high priority.


Story pages currently needs to be translated and converted into slides using Template:StorySlider.

Story script:

  • Episode 1: User:GummyYellow
  • Episode 2: No-one
  • Episode 3: No-one
  • Episode 4: No-one
  • Episode 5: No-one
  • Episode 6: No-one
  • Episode 7: No-one
  • Episode 0: No-one

Story slides:

  • Episode 1: No-one
  • Episode 2: No-one
  • Episode 3: No-one
  • Episode 4: No-one
  • Episode 5: No-one
  • Episode 6: No-one
  • Episode 7: No-one
  • Episode 0: No-one


  1. Making bugfixes to the layout
  2. Adding missing fairy pages
    1. Create the pages for the other fairies
    2. Add information to the existing ones
  3. Live2d
    1. Create Dummypage for local file tests
    2. Uploading remaining Live2D fairies
    3. Resizing the Live2D sprite to fit the DIV


  1. Brainstorming of the general overview of the enemies (Index page?)
  2. Brainstorming the general page layout of an enemy
  3. Create a template for enemies


Below is a list of pages that needs to be constantly updated and maintained:

Main Page, Events and Updates

Girls' Frontline Wiki - maintaining the frontpage with the latest content. Visit Template:mainpage for instructions.

Link the corresponding Events and Updates for each banner/promotion/update slider. e.g. Events/2017/March#Into the Soul Package for the package promotion.

T-Doll Production and Equipment Production pages

T-Doll Production and Equipment Production pages needs to be updated whenever new T-Dolls or Equipment are out. Add their timers and minimum/maximum production values to the page.

New T-Dolls

Make use of Template:T-Doll to add new T-Dolls that don't have a page yet.