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The poster girl for the game is OTs-14 “Groza”.

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium (女前:追放) is an upcoming game from Sunborn and the sequel to Girls' Frontline.

It takes place in Eastern Europe in 2070, 8 years after the start of Girls' Frontline. Griffin and Kryuger has been dismantled by the government who felt it had become too powerful, but the Commander continues to lead Tactical Dolls in the frontier region between contaminated and safe land after their retirement. As they return from a delivery mission in the contaminated zone, they are attacked by an unknown force who seizes their cargo, which contains a mysterious girl. The Commander must retake the cargo and uncover old secrets and conspiracies linked to relics. The game will have tactical two-dimensional gameplay with 3D graphics using Physically Based Rendering and Non-Photorealistic Rendering.


Ground Zero[edit]

GFL2 Ground Zero.jpg


Where the source of Collapse Radiation is located. It is a roughly several dozen kilometers across, composed of the crater created by the original blast and the area around it. It is the final region which needs to be cleansed under the <<European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement>>. Collapse Radiation intensity here is extremely high and survival is unlikely once entered.


No permanent residents. Large numbers of ELID-Infected wander the area.


A mysterious tower-styled structure exists here, containing an entrance to relics of ancient civilizations and abandoned research buildings.


Primarily dominated by wasteland and difficult terrain. After the blast, the entire region has collapsed into a funnel shape with the center known as Ground Zero. Surface soil near Ground Zero was vitrified mid-flight by high temperatures and the shockwave, which has led to the surface being covered by sharp, black crystalline objects.

The region is frequently beset by Collapse Storms. Unlike normal sandstorms, Collapse Storms carry high levels of Collapse Radiation, which make them lethal to all living creatures and electronic devices, in addition to impeding vision and movement.

Collapse Radiation intensity in the region is extremely high. Few other living creatures can survive here apart from clusters of mutated plants.

Contaminated Zone[edit]

GFL2 Contaminated Zone.jpg

"Red Zone"

It is close to the black zone and belongs to the "European Collapse Radiation Pollution Area Recovery and Revitalization Joint Exploitation Agreement", which needs to focus on the implementation of purification and treatment of heavily polluted areas. There is a considerable concentration of collapsing radiation in this area. Regardless of human or human form, it must be carefully protected when entering this area.

-Faction formation-

The permanent population is close to none, but there are still unidentified human beings. There is a lot of ELID-Infected loitering.

-Surface Architecture-

Most of the original buildings in the area have been preserved, but the damage is relatively high. There were few traces of manual intervention in the later period.


Mainly desert. Due to frequent collapse storms and severe soil erosion, vegetation in this area is scarce and ravines are vertical and horizontal, and the surface has also suffered from a certain degree of silicification due to frequent exposure to high concentrations of collapse radiation. In some low-lying areas, there are plants with a large area, dense distribution, and similar styles. In the non-flowering period, the radiation concentration in the area is significantly lower than that in the surrounding area; in the flowering period, the radiation concentration in this area will increase sharply. Such plants show similar features and similar colors in a single area, but there are certain differences in the shape and color of the flora between different areas. Damaged beacons, overturned convoys and helicopter stumps are all over the rugged red zone. No one knows what happened in this area.

Frontier Zone[edit]

GFL2 Frontier Zone.jpg

"Yellow Zone"

Close to the red zone, they are areas that need to be cleansed and recovered in the "European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region Recovery and Revitalization Joint Development Agreement" but the process has not been completed yet. The collapse fluid radiation concentration in this area is relatively low, but humans still need to be protected in this area. T dolls however will not need protection.

-Factional composition-

The permanent population is mainly ordinary residents and members of the Варяг (Varangian) gang. Bounty hunters are common sights here. ELIDs exist and wander in this zone.

-Surface architecture-

There are few traces of human activity and intervention here, and the original buildings here are largely well preserved. Most of the abandoned towns are still in serviceable condition and not seriously damaged. There are still a large number of abandoned resources in cities and towns, and the residents need to draw groundwater below 100 meters for drinking.


Mainly deadwood forests, swamps and deserts. As a whole, there is serious desertification and there are some areas that easily turn into swamps due to them being rich in groundwater. The terrain fluctuates greatly, and there are oases(plural of oasis) in places like valleys and other water-rich areas.

Areas with abnormal climates or close to CF pollution sources tend to experience periodic collapse radiation storms. In areas ravaged by collapse radiation storms, surface silicification and small amounts of collapse Epiphyllum flowers are occasionally found.

There are beacons distributed in this area. Most beacons near green zones are well preserved, while those near the red zone are mostly damaged.