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The poster girl for the game is the Doll Fresnel.

Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud (女前:云图计划, Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud) is an upcoming game from Sunborn and a spin-off to Girls' Frontline.

It will be a roguelike strategy game where the player, as the head of Project Neural Cloud, must lead a group of Dolls called the Exiled and save them from an unknown hostile force in a digital world. Each Doll has their own abilities, upgrade them and build their base. It stars Persica as a member of 42LAB.

Trailer message[edit]

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“Life's shape rings through the prayers of the lost. Human knowledge is not the only thing that can perceive it. Lack of order does not mean chaos, fiction does not always mean falsehood. To forsake one's life in desperation, in the hidden paths of return, rings the prayers of the lost.”




ME78 (Codename Croce)

Corporate Affiliation: Svarog Heavy Industries

Job: Mechanical Engineer

Professional Skills: Mechanical Design, Adjustment, Analysis and Maintenance, Engineering Data Simulation, Computing and Analysis.

"The rhythm of the transmission, the intricate fit between gears, the regular cycles of the gas valves... ahhhh, it makes me sooooo excited (in all sorts of ways)!"

The CEO of Svarog Heavy Industries Elon Thomas personally took part and created the engineering design for ME78. She entered service in July 2056 and was employed in Svarog Heavy Industries' core engineering division, taking part in many cutting-edge research and development programs, including improvements to a new energy source designed by Thomas, the "Noah Reactor", engineering support for Collapse Fluid energy generation technology R&D, and so on.

On January 2058, Svarog Heavy Industries and 42Lab signed a cooperation agreement for Project "Neural Cloud", and ME78 joined the first batch of Doll test subjects who went to 42Lab to take part in Project "Neural Cloud".



Codename: Simo

"You see this ferret? It's name is Sako, and no matter how dangerous the mission, it's my best...and only partner. Hehe-"

Company: Svarog HI

Vocation: Sniper

Job Skills: Battlefield intelligence gathering, assassination.

S-WG is a special-forces Doll developed by Svarog Heavy Industries. She was released with a sniper crossbow, cutting-edge optics, optical camouflage and many other pieces of advanced equipment, which makes her extremely suited for launching sniper attacks while concealed in the environment, assassinating VIPs and gathering information. She once served in the EU Defense Army's ground forces and carried out many assassinations, and never failed a single mission...except for the last one.

After retiring from the army, S-WG was sent to 42Lab as a test subject to take part in "Project Neural Cloud".