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Full name Model SP21 "Gager"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi animation

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Ringleader model SP21 'Gager' (计量官), a Frontal Command type Android (正面指挥人形) servicing Sangvis Ferri. Gager's hierarchical position within SF is relatively high, she has command priority over many field combat units and other Ringleaders, she answers directly to Agent.

By personality. Gager is straight-forward, she treats her work and position seriously and refuses to cut corners. She believes heavily in code and honour, even against her enemies, but however she can be ruthless when Architect's safety is at stake. Equipped with her signature weapon the 'Quantum Sting', Gager excels at extreme range combat as well as short range charge attacks.

Stats / Data


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Arctic Warfare



Gager only made appearance in two campaign chapters, first in Arctic Warfare, then in Singularity. She can be encountered as enemy boss units in both of the campaigns.

During Arctic Warfare, Gager served as Architect's adjutant in the remote mountain ranges of Sector S03. After the event of Arctic Warfare, Gager serves as the primary attacking unit of SF, assisted by her new Adjutant Intruder, she was last sighted during Singularity.

Arctic Warfare: E1-4, ???

Singularity: E2-B2, E2-B4, E2-C4, E2-D1