GSG UX Exoskeleton

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GSG UX Exoskeleton
GSG UX Exoskeleton is an obtainable equipment in the game.


Usable only by SMG MP5.


A dedicated high-performance exoskeleton specially calibrated for MP5 which maximizes her mobility and evasive capabilities. Can only be equipped by MP5.
Minimum level requirement: Lvl 60

Game Data[edit]

Icon slot Doll.png
Icon HG 2star.png
Icon SMG 2star.png
Icon AR 2star.png
Icon MG 2star.png
Icon RF 2star.png
Icon SG 2star.png
Evasion +30~45
Damage -10~6
Craft Time

Enhancement values
Stat +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Evasion +30~45 +30~46(1.03x) +31~47(1.06x) +32~49(1.09x) +33~50(1.12x) +34~51(1.15x) +35~53(1.18x) +36~54(1.21x) +37~55(1.24x) +38~57(1.27x) +39~58(1.3x)
Damage -10~6   -10~6


  • Obtainable through 4-4 Night mode.
  • The GSG should be derived from GSG-5, a modified MP5 to accept .22 LR rounds by German Sports Guns.[1]
    • Also, GSG could stand for German Counter-Terrorism Police Unit, GSG 9(Grenzschutzgruppe 9), as they equipped MP5 SMG in their operation.
    • The term of GSG UX itself derived from UX GSG 9, the official diving watch for GSG 9 Special Forces manufactured by Sinn.[2]
      • With the addition of the UMP UX exoskeleton for UMP45/40/9, it's more likely that "UX" is simply the designation IOP uses for unique SMG exoskeletons.


  1. German Sport Guns on Wikipedia
  2. UX GSG 9 diving watch
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