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Full name Heckler & Koch G36[1]
Country of Origin Germany[1]
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch[2]
Artist 薯子Imoko
Voice actor Koshimizu Ami[3]

G36 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

The current main service assault rifle of Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces), entered service in 1997 to replace the old 7.62 firing G3. Gewehr 36 (G36) is the Bundeswehr designation for the weapon, HK50 is the original project/product name given by the designing company Heckler & Koch.

G36/HK50 project started in the early 1990s, the development of a replacement service rifle for the aging G3 model has been on-going as early as the 70s, other projects such as G11 and G41 were all proposed, even the Austrian made Steyr AUG was amongst the candidates. In the end with both the G11 and G41 being relatively expensive and lack of trust in the performance of the AUG at the time, Bundeswehr settled with the G36 for it's lower cost, decent performance, modular and dependable reliability.

G36 is a selective fire, 5.56mm calibre, conventional layout assault rifle that fires from an open bolt, operates with the signature H&K short-stroke piston mechanism (that of which can be found on the later HK416 project). Able to cover an effective firing range up to 800 metres, reaching a 750 rounds per minute rate of fire while feeding on the 30-rounds staggered fit magazine designed specifically for the rifle. Though after a slight modification in the magazine housing region, G36 is able to accept and feed from STANAG type magazines.

Other notable features of the weapon include a free-floating barrel, folding gun stock and light weight corrosion resistant synthetic materials made gun frame. Like most modern assault rifles designs, G36 can mount combat accessories and a under-rail grenade launcher (typically AG36). Should a grenade launcher unit not be issue to the user, the muzzle of the weapon has a slotted flash suppressor, which one can launch rifle grenades from with blank munitions, also serves as a mounting position for fixing bayonet. Bundeswehr standard issue G36 features a ZF 3×4° dual optical sight, which is a combination of a 3× magnified telescopic sight and a unmagnified reflex sight on top of that.

G36 have different variant models designed to fill different combat roles, a shorter barrel carbine G36K, compact carbine G36C and a light squad support weapon MG36.[1].

Character Info


Neat and tidy formally dressed T-doll with a maid attire, character design featured many square metallic rings on the head piece, hair ornament and boots. Blonde curvy hair with green eyes, body height reaches around 150 cm, Petit Waitress outfit would only reach 110 cm of height. (Comparison here)

According to Shuzi (Artist), the square metallic rings resembles the gaps on the weapon itself, between the carrying handle and the barrel, also on the gun stock.

Shuzi revealed that she had inspirations for the Bartender costume while on a train during her holiday (draft here). A promotion from a maid to a butler, featuring the classic suit set, bow tie, formal shoes and a monocle.

The latest costume for G36 is a wedding dress, a pure white dress with elements of cornflower blue, Shuzi shared her design inspirations on her weibo post (draft here). It was named after a flower that can be found native to Europe, also as the national flower of Germany, the wedding dress of G36 she can be seen wearing cornflower as her earring piece, hair ornaments and as ankle bracelets. Elements of hexagonal shapes on her veil represents the snowflake's fractals. Afraid of her arms feeling cold, Shuzi incorporated a light cyan coloured a fur muff onto the outfit.


Note that Shuzi is one of the more active artists who regularly revisit her past work, posting additional artworks of G36, answering questions regarding character settings, as a result G36's character personality settings are regularly updated, hence it feels more complete compared to most other T-dolls. Much of this section's contents are based on Shuzi's weibo posts.

G36 assumed the role of the Commander's maid, she addresses the Commander as "Master". Differ from G41 who also addresses Commander as master, G36's relation with the Commander is servant/master rather than as pet/master. She have a very serious personality, a notably strong will, despite knowing that she is not perfect she still treats her work with respect and pride. She is proud of being able to serve and help her comrades, but as for enemies, they are viewed as rubbish that needs to be cleansed. Despite looking very formidable on the official art, she is actually a kind and caring maid, being the elder sister of SMG G36C, she is specially kind to her. Being engineer similar to G36, Shuzi have also gone ahead and adopted AR XM8 as G36's other little sister, unofficially that is.

Her mean demeanor is due to that she is known to suffer from hyperopia, she have to focus more to see without her glasses. The pair of glasses she wears in the Petit Waitress skin was apparently given to her by the Commander (In this case Shuzi, she is also a player of Girls Frontline).

Shuzi comments that in the Petit Waitress outfit damaged art her tears are not from her being hurt in combat, but from the ripped outfits, a lost shoe and most importantly the damaged pair of glasses, she cherishes deeply for everything the Commander have given her. The more mature version of G36 is tougher, both physically and mentally, she would continue to fight even under critically damaged conditions under her strong will.

In her quotations she mentions specific procurement for the Commander, official character setting would comment that she often have the role of procuring specific items for other T-dolls when she is out shopping.

Her culinary skills are worth noting, she specializes in western cuisines as mentioned in the secretary quotes, additional servings are fried sausages! Shuzi would comment she is not very good at oriental cuisines. Despite her "cannot be scared" demeanor, she find it difficult to deal with decapodal crustaceans such as crabs, since it is less often used in western cuisines. As for arthropodal creatures such as spiders that appears during her house work, she can pretend they are rubbish and proceed with the cleaning.

She is good at singing, but she only sings when she is alone, while cooking or hanging laundries. She will halt her singing immediately after detecting any form of living sentient organisms within hearing vicinity. Shuzi suggested examples of songs that she frequently sings, one of which is ナージャバージョン by G36's CV Koshimizu Ami.

Even though she frequently performs culinary activities, she does not have distinct food smells on her, this is because she keep a large set of spare uniforms and washes them regularly, other T-dolls such as RF Springfield who practices bakery would usually carries the bread baking fragrance with her. It is also to be noted that one should never touch G36's fresh laundries, otherwise there will be dire consequences.

In game G36 is shown to be operating the weapon with her left hand on the default art, operating with her right hand on the Bartender costume, reflecting that G36 rifle in real life can be operated ambidextrously, indicating that T-doll G36 is also ambidextrous.[4]


Her active skill belongs in the 4-second initial cooldown damage boost category, suitable for the ARSMG formations with the 4 second damage spike ups. Though when compared to dolls with the same skill such as AR G41, G36's damage output is slightly lower due to both the skill having a lower value and her default stats.

G36's grid buff can be considered strong, having the same 30% damage and 10% rate of fire increase as AR G11 but can be provided to two tiles, very suitable as a back line unit for offensive type SMG such as SMG SR-3MP, SMG Honey Badger.

G36 was/still is one of the rarest 4* ARs in the game, many players with almost full sets of 5* T-dolls and yet to unlock G36. Even Shuzi struggled to craft for her for a very long period of time, she even posted a wanted poster. Follow up post by Shuzi after she finally received G36 from doll production.

Story Involvement

G36 was mentioned during chapter 1 night missions. G36's costumes Bartender and Pure White Cornflower both described her side story interactions with the Commander during 2017's Opera Princes and 2018's Sweet Oath.


"This is classified information!"

This article contains spoilers. You have been warned. Click here to skip this part.

Special Delivery to Sector S09

SMG MP5 was tasked with resupply and Intel collection mission into the newly regained Sector S09, delivering goods and special procurement for T-dolls who are currently undercover in the sector. All the resupply items were procured by G36, resupply list as following:

Costume story: Bartender

G36 was chosen to accompany the Commander during the Phantom of the Opera stage play.

Without a T-doll's mechanical body physique and any form of bike riding (At least not riding at this speed) experience of the past, the Commander was left staggered after getting off MG AEK-999's sports bike. G36 approached after seeing her Commander arriving at their rendezvous point, she is not in her usual G&K issue outfit, her attire is a set of nicely tailored suit instead, the Commander did not recognize her at first. The two entered the theatre where HG Contender's play was screened, G36 offered to refurbish the Commander's physical appearance, the high speed biking session did effect the Commander's physical appearance, such as the wind-blown hairstyle and messed up outfits, on top of disorientating effects to the neural senses.

G36 lead the Commander to the restroom, in the corridor G36 mentioned that the Commander should probably perform a full body check-up to ensure the body functions remains nominal, she also mentioned that she will have a "word" with this rampaging biker who offered the ride. Arriving at the dressing table, the Commander is astonished by the amount of items G36 carried with her, items such as wet towelettes, foaming cleansers, hair wax and even what appears to be a miniature clothes iron were all presented on the table. The Commander comments on how she is able to carry all these things despite she is wearing a tailored suit with very little carrying capacity, to which G36 replied saying it is a classified technology information, but she is willing to put forward a request to the HQ and have appropriate personal demonstrate it to the Commander.

The Commander quickly diverted the topic away from this after hearing this reply, the next topic of debate is regarding G36's attires, the Commander made comments stating she appears more like a butler, G36 replied that this is strictly speaking a covert operation but they are still out representing G&K as a company, this outfit was her choice in the end. Upon closer examinations of her attire, the Commander is even more astonished and proposed that one might wish employ G36's service as a Butler if she is no longer a T-doll, G36 replied that she will put this offer to consideration after her retirement from service one day. With the Commander's appearance restored, the two entered the auditory to enjoy screen play.

During the rest session G36 was ordered to patrol outside the auditory, at this point SMG Thompson contacted via radio. She brought some bad news, bombs have been located in the VIP lounge on the second floor, she also caught sight of a couple of suspicious personal sneaking near by, she thinks they are the saboteurs and she is following them to see what they are up to, G36 will have to handle the bomb diffusing task. Hearing this, G36 worked her way up to the VIP lounge, she swiftly located and gathered all the bombs she found, she estimates that the amount of explosives can easily cause serious damage to the structure. During her bomb diffusing work the sound of children crying reached her ears, she discovered a lost boy who was separated from her parents while the guests were leaving the building. She is unable to leave the boy by himself but she still have a few bombs to diffuse, she comforted the boy and promised that she will help him find his parents after she finishes her work, the boy stopped sobbing and agreed.

15 minutes later G36 finished her diffusing work, she deposited the bombs in a container and marked it for reclamation when the audiences departs the theatre. She contacted Thompson to exchange situation reports, Thompson said she followed the suspects back to their HQ, but the cops claimed all the credits. She also commented on one of the grunts revealed the amount of bombs in the theatre, a total of eight bombs were planted, one more than the amount G36 diffused. Thompson urged her to hurry, before the next set of guests sits down for the following screen play.

G36 immediately returned in the lounge in search of the last bomb, she looked over all the previously checked places as well as new possible locations. She sets her gaze upon the large and soft sofas in the president room of the VIP lounge, after brief search along the edges she quickly located the bomb hidden inside the sofa, the bomb panel display timer is less than 30 seconds! Knowing that there isn't enough time to diffuse, she suddenly remembered an artificial lake right behind the theatre, she decided to dispose the bomb there. She sprinted at her top speed towards the window at the end of the hallway, opened the window and launched the bomb outside. The little boy from earlier saw G36 and asked "Are you leaving now?", G36 didn't have time to react, she reached the boy and dived towards him, shielding him from the imminent blast wind.

"This is the live wire of the explosive... That was a close one, but I will protect everyone."

The corridor glass windows shattered with the bomb detonation, broken shards launched everywhere, G36 got up and checked whether the boy was hurt or not, seeing the boy almost at tears again, G36 quickly made up a lie: "Sorry that stage effect gotten a little out of hand.", she also offered her napkins for the boy to dry his tears, the two now departs to find the boy's parents as she promised.

After the operation the Commander found G36 again outside the theatre, seeing that she suffered minor scratches from the flying glass shards, the Commander expressed worries when heard the bomb detonation after knowing G36 was tasked with bomb diffusing work. G36 suddenly felt ashamed of herself for disappointing the Commander by missing out a bomb, the Commander comforted her saying her task was complete, she saved a theatre building and prevented a lot of possible civilian casualties. To convince G36, the Commander pointed to the other side of the street, the boy G36 rescued earlier is waving at them before their departure, "Thank you- Onii-chan Big brother-". Both the Commander and G36 was shocked by this sudden remark, "...", "Don't you want to go and explain this?", "I'll let it slide... This time.", after a day of successful acts, the two returned to the base.

Costume story: Pure White Cornflower

In attempt to advertise G&K, a few T-dolls was chosen as wedding dress models, G36 was one of them.

During an unusual mission, instead of being used as weapons for war, G&K T-dolls were used as costume models for wedding dress photography. One of the chosen candidates was G36, the Commander caught her lost in her thoughts on the sofa in the corridors of the photography studio. Seeing her commanding officer's arrival, G36 regained her focus and was about greet the Commander properly, the Commander stopped her, claiming that it must be uncomfortable in the outfit so there is no need to be so formal right now.

G36 have done all the shots in this area, her photographer left to procure scenes for the next shooting session and asked her to remain here for. G36 is not in her usual self today, the Commander asked whether the work was to the photographer's satisfaction, G36 replied saying that she is unsure since she have never done anything like this before, she felt into deep thoughts again after this. There is clearly something on G36's mind today, the Commander inquired whether there were any problems during the photo shooting, after regaining G36's attention from her wondering thoughts for the second time. To which G36 comment saying that the photographers have been nice and everything is proceeding smoothly, at least for her that is. G36 asked how the things were going on the Commander's end, she can still check for dangerous articles within the studio such as explosives while she is in between shooting sessions, the Commander stated that they will be informed if abnormal situations were to develop, for now just concentrate on the photo shoots.

A studio worker approached and said: "Everything is prepared Ms G36, sorry we've kept you waiting, let us continue the shoot.", "Ok, so I will be going now Sir." G36 stood up, reached for her dragging wedding dress skirt. "I will get that for you." the worker said. "Ahh, right.", just a slight gaze towards the back, making sure her skirt was not touching the floor, she proceeded towards the booth at the end of the corridor. Sensing that something is definitely amiss, the Commander sneakily followed G36 into the booth.

"The next shot will be on the bay window! Ms G36 please take a seat on there." the photographer said. G36 approached the bay window, the height of it is almost over her chest, just when she was about to climb a worker stopped her: "Wait Ms G36, that's too dangerous!", "Eh...? Don't worry I think I can do it.", another worker handed over a chair, "We can't let our clients do such a dangerous and difficult task, you are the client here, let us handle it.", G36 agreed to it. She climb on the bay window, sat down and posed in the motion the photographer requested. She gazed upon the Commander, the Commander waved, she quickly looked away. Couple of photos later the photographer said it is no good, G36 looks way too tense in the photos, could she smile like in the shots this morning, G36 couldn't reply. The photographer asks whether she was tired from the work, whether she needed a rest, upon hearing these words a studio worker went to fetch a bench from the booth, the Commander offered help.

Seeing the Commander getting worked up for her, G36 lost some of her usual composure, she quickly stood up and expresses that she can carry on working, there is no need for a rest. But she seem to have forgotten she is still on the bay window, she lost her balance and was about to fall. The Commander reacted quickly and caught the falling G36, she felt right into the Commander's arms. Very embarrassed at this point, she apologized for her rash actions, the Commander just told her to get some rest and he/she will speak to G36 about this privately. The two sat down on a sofa in the studio, G36 remained quiet while the Commander attempt to soothe her emotions. The corner of her eyes appeared slightly red, she apologized for her sub optimal performances, while the Commander just wishes to know what is happening to her.

"Found this petal still stuck in my hair after we came back, I'll keep this as a souvenir."

G36 replied that she felt she might not be the best candidate for the mission today, she didn't do a lot ever since she arrived at the studio, whether be dressing or make-ups, the studio workers had it all covered, all she was told to do was sit down and pose. The Commander realised G36 being such a busybody everyday serving everyone else, to have her change position from serving to being served, it is obviously difficult to adjust. The Commander apologized for unable to sense her feelings earlier, the Commander also explained that this work is an important advertisement opportunity for G&K, the studio workers are trying their best to relegate duties from the models, so that the models can focus on posing and photo shooting.

Soothed and comforted, G36 walked back to the shooting stage. She stopped half way through, she thanked the Commander for being with her at the studio today, to which the Commander replied it was an honor to see her in such a lovely outfit. G36 stopped for a second, the tears have yet to dry from the corner of her eyes, she then revealed the most genuine smile. This moment was captured by the photographer and this piece of memory was forever recorded by the picture.

Game Data

Chibi image
64(x1)127(x1) / 635(x5)
20(x1) / 60(x5) 20(x1) / 60(x5)
18 47
6 41
6 44
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
50 72
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects submachine guns
Increases rate of fire by 10%
Increases damage by 30%

Obtainable only from crafting.


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition GutenTag,我的长官。感谢您的赏识,G36从今天起,正式为您服务。 Guten Tag。今日からはご主人様の専属メイドとなり、ご奉仕いたしゅます。Play Guten Tag, my commander. I'm very happy to receive your recognition, G36 will officially begin serving you, starting today.
Introduction HK50?是的,长官,那是我之前的名字,稍稍有点怀念啊……曾经的突击步枪评选中,从大量枪支中胜出的我,而后被赋予了新的名字,G36。接受大家认可的我,现在也将以这个名字为您效劳,我的长官。 HK50? Yes, commander, that was my former name, it's a little nostalgic... Among many assault rifles, I won out, and gained a new name, G36. The me that everyone recognizes, will serve you under this name as well, my commander.
Secretary 有什么需求请直说,我相信您的判断。 ご用があれば遠慮なさらず申してください。Play If you have any requests, please don't hesitate to tell me.
长官,需要加餐吗,我可以煎一点香肠哦。 ご主人様、おかわりは如何でしょうか。焼きたてのソーセージがございます。Play Commander, would you like a second serving, I can fry some sausage for you.
长官,虽然解决您的困难是我的荣幸,可您要是一直这样,我就没法继续工作了啊。 ご主人様の必要にこたえるのはわたしの勤めです。Play JP: It's my job to fulfill your rezuests.

CH: To be able to solve problems for the Commander is my honor, but if you continue doing this I won't be able to carry out my work anymore.

Secretary (post OATH)
Another busy day is about to start, only you know how much work I do... So, what do you need me to buy this time? I will continue to keep it a secret from everyone.
长官,都是因为您的开导和协助,我才能在大家面前扮演好自己的形象。 现在的我已经没事了,只要您在身边,我就能鼓起勇气,面对任何困难。
JP: Master, only because of your guidance and aid, I can do my best. From now on, I'll stay by your side as yours only maid. (CH: Master, only because of your guidance and aid, I can be myself in front of everyone. I'm fine right, as long as you are by my side, I will have the courage to face all the troubles ahead.)
Greeting 长官,要开始今天的工作吗?请别忘了用餐时间,保持良好的状态。 グーテンターク、ご主人様。お仕事を始めますか?コンディションが大事なので、食事を忘れずに。Play Guten Tag, master. Do you starting your work already? Maintaining condition is important, so don't forget your meal.
T-Doll Produced 新的同伴吗?我会严格指点的。 新しい見習いさん?厳しく指導しますね。Play New apprentice? I'll train her strictly.
Joining an echelon 大家,遇到麻烦了吗?交给我来处理吧。 面倒の事なら、メイドのわたしに任せて下さい。Play Please leave the troublesome things to me.
Enhancement Danke!您的信任,会得到回报的。 Danke。指揮官の寝台は恩義をお返しいたします。Play Danke. Commander's kindness shall be repaid gratefully.
Dummy-linking 嗯……人手的增加也代表着工作效率的增加。 ふむふむ、人手が増えて、仕事の効率が上がりますね。Play Hmhm, as the number of hands, the efficiency of our work will increase.
Logistics (start) 您的愿望我一定会替您实现! 貴方様の望みは、わたしが叶えて上げます。Play As master's wish, I shall accomplish it for you.
Logistics (end) 这就是您的愿望要的结果! これが貴方様の望んだ結果です。Play This is the result of master's wish.
Autobattle 集体作战的话是我擅长的部分! 集団行動なら、わたしの得意分野でございます。Play If it's a group task, It would be a field I am proud of.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission 为了我主,出击! ご主人様のために、まいります!Play For master's sake, I'm off!
Starting a battle 驱逐作战,开始! ゴミは… 駆逐します。Play As for Trash... They're to be driven out.
Skill activation 肮脏的家伙,消失吧。 汚物は消毒よ!Play Filth are to be cleansed!
不要小看女仆哦。 メイドを甘く見ないでくれる。Play Please don't underestimate a maid.
廉价的借口,我一点兴趣都没有! 言い訳は通用しないわ。Play I'm not interested in your excuses!
Heavily damaged 不用担心,我还可以继续战斗。 心配はありません、まだ戦えます。Play No need to worry, I still can fight.
Retreat 长官,非常抱歉… 申し訳ありません… ご主人様…Play My apologies, master...
MVP 做为一个女仆这是当然的! メイドとして、当然の務めです。Play This is an obvious duty for a maid.
Restoration 偶尔让您照顾一次,也是挺舒服的。 たまには、ご主人様に世話して頂くのも、イイですね…。Play Once a while, to have master looking after me is quite pleasant.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 长官,不能太宠着大家啊。今晚发了太多糖,她们就可能因为蛀牙上不了战场哦。 Play Commander, don't spoil everyone too much. If you give out too much candy, they might not be able sortie due to cavities.
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day



  • The Bayonet issued to G36 are the AKM Type II bayonets, which were in service in the National People's Army of East Germany. With the reunification of the nation, that stock of bladed weaponry found it's way into the Bundeswehr.
  • Reports stating G36 rifle have overheating issues and are effecting the effective firing range, claiming continuous firing of several hundred rounds have accuracy impacts, making it difficult to hit targets past 100m, ineffective past 200m, and incapable of effective fire past 300 meters.
    • German Federal Ministry of Defence announces G36 would be phased out of the German army due to these concerns on 22 April 2015. Defense Minister von der Leyen considers the weapon to be useless. She stated that the German military will stop using a plastic assault rifle that can't shoot straight when temperatures increase by 30°C or the rifle heats up during a firefight.
    • Though there were no negative feedbacks on G36 from German soldiers, Bundeswehr have also yet to announce anything regarding phasing G36 out of service.


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Icon RF 4star.png G28   ·  Mosin-Nagant   ·  PSG-1   ·  PTRD   ·  PzB 39   ·  SVD   ·  Springfield   ·  T-5000   ·  XM3
Icon RF 5star.png Ballista   ·  Carcano M1891   ·  Carcano M91∕38   ·  DSR-50   ·  IWS 2000   ·  JS05   ·  Kar98k   ·  Lee-Enfield   ·  M99   ·  NTW-20   ·  SRS   ·  WA2000
Icon MG 2star.png AAT-52   ·  DP28   ·  FG42   ·  LWMMG   ·  MG34
Icon MG 3star.png Bren   ·  HK23   ·  M1919A4   ·  M249 SAW   ·  M2HB   ·  MG42   ·  RPD
Icon MG 4star.png AEK-999   ·  Ameli   ·  M1918   ·  M60   ·  MG3   ·  Mk48   ·  PK   ·  Type 80
Icon MG 5star.png HK21   ·  MG4   ·  MG5   ·  Negev   ·  PKP
Icon SG 3star.png KS-23   ·  M1897   ·  M500   ·  NS2000   ·  RMB-93
Icon SG 4star.png M37   ·  M590   ·  SPAS-12   ·  Super-Shorty   ·  Type 97 Shotgun   ·  USAS-12
Icon SG 5star.png KSG   ·  M1887   ·  S.A.T.8   ·  Saiga-12
Icon HG EXTRAstar.png Kiana   ·  Noel   ·  Theresa
Icon AR EXTRAstar.png Murata Himeko
Icon SMG EXTRAstar.png
Icon RF EXTRAstar.png Bronya   ·  Raiden Mei
Icon SG EXTRAstar.png Elphelt   ·  Seele