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FP-6 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 哎呀抱歉……原来是新的长官啊,因为一脸可疑的样子,差点抓错人了呢。 あら失礼…新しい指揮官じゃない。怪しい顔してるから、不審者かと思ったわ。Play Ah, I'm sorry... you must be the new Commander. I almost arrested you because of how suspicious you seemed.
Secretary 外面好吵啊,该不会又是谁犯事儿了吧?哼哼……昨天新想的惩罚游戏好像就快派上用场了。 外が騒がしくない?ならず者かしら。うふふ…昨日考えたばかりの罰ゲームが、早速出番のようね。Play It's so noisy outside, no one's breaking any rules, right? Hehe.. I might be able to use the new penalty games I thought of yesterday.
长官,在我这块巧克力解决之后,会议也差不多要开始了,抓紧忙完手头的工作吧。 指揮官、そろそろミーティングの時間だわ。アタシがこのチョコを食べてるうちに、さっさと仕事を片付けて頂戴。Play Commander, after we've dealt with this chocolate I have, It'll be time for the meeting. Let's hurry and finish the task at hand.
在意我的发夹吗?这可是手铐的钥匙呢,小心别弄掉了哦。 アタシのヘアピンが気になる?それは手錠の鍵よ。落とさないように気をつけてね。Play Do you like my hairpin? It's actually the key to the handcuffs. Please don't lose them.
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, Why do you seem to be enjoying my penalty games more and more lately? Is it really that entertaining?
Commander, from a certain point of view, you really are a sinful person. I don't think these handcuffs are enough to restrain you anymore. Then with this oath, I'll let you stay by my side forever...❤
Greeting 時間だ。全員席に着いて。Play It's time. Everyone, take a seat.
T-Doll Produced 新人さんおいで。宿舎まで案内するわ。Play Greenhorn, come here. I'll guide you to your lodging.
Joining an echelon 列に並んで。指揮官が出席取るわよ。Play Form a line. Commander will have an appearance.
Enhancement この力で殻を破れるのかしら。Play Will this power break the shell?
Dummy-linking 手錠の鍵も同じなのかしら。Play Does she carry the same handcuff key?
Logistics (start) ピザを注文して、戻ったら食べようか。Play Order a pizza, I'll eat it once I get back.
Logistics (end) 任務完了……って、アタシのピザは届いたの?Play Mission complete... huh, has my pizza arrived?
Autobattle 逃げたネズミはアタシが片付けるわ。Play I'll take care of that escaping rat.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 悪い子におしおきの時間だわ。Play Punishment time for a bad kids.
Starting a battle 罰ゲームを始めましょう。Play Let's start the punishment game.
Skill activation 大人しくしろ!Play Be obedient!
下がれ、囚人!Play Kneel down, prisoner!
おしおきの時間だわ!Play Punishment time!
Heavily damaged この……このまま屈服するのか?Play I'm surrendering... just like this?
Retreat どうやら……アタシの出る幕はもうないみたいね。Play Looks like I no more have business here.
MVP 罪人に相応しい罰を与えることこそ、真の勝利ですわ。Play To hand down punishment to a sinner, is a true victory.
Restoration これは自分への罰。何の文句も言わない。Play This is a punishment for myself. I will not complain.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 悪ふざけはそこまでよ、この悪魔ちゃん!ってあれ…間違った?ごめん。Play The prank is over, you little devil! Hmm... I got it wrong? Sorry.
Christmas いいこと子供達。今夜時間通りに寝なさい、あたしが見回りに来るから。無事にクリスマスを過ごしたいとなら大人しくしててね。Play Listen up, little sweethearts. Go to bed on time tonight. I'll be patrolling. If you want to enjoy the christmas party safely, be a good girl, okay.
New Year's Day 負けた人は弾丸を惟神酒を飲むか…。あ、指揮官今新年会の罰ゲームを考えてたのよ。


The loser should take a bullet and drink the sake. Ah, commander. I'm thinking about the punishment game for new year party.
Valentine's day んっ…色々考えた挙句やはり自分が一番好きなチョコを選んだ。これは大人の味よ。


Hmm, after a lot of thinking, I chose my favourite chocolate. This is an adult taste.
Tanabata 彦星と織姫に手錠を書けたら今日が終わっても離れないでしょう?


If we put a handcuff on Hikoboshi and Orihime's hand, they won't be separated anymore after this days end, shouldn't they?