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FAMAS Strategy Story Quotes

General Information[edit]

FAMAS is a curious T-Doll that is a 4-star counterpart to the rather rare AR CZ-805Thumb button.pngCZ-805 . She has slightly better stats than her Czechoslovakian 3-star cousin, including one of the best fire rates in the game, better HP, and better damage. While she is less accurate and less evasive, her raw offense makes up for this, and her High-Explosive Grenade skill is actually slightly stronger than CZ-805's version. Her buff is also similar to CZ-805's, and even stronger, with an even bigger buff to accuracy. The downside: FAMAS has a very limited grid which can really only be used with slots below her, which hamstrings how much use one can get out of her grid setup. While she does provide excellent stat boosts for the one tile she buffs, She can only help SMGs in the center or bottom rows, and this severely limits where she and any buffable SMG can be.

Statistically, FAMAS is often considered something of mid-card, and since she's not quite as versatile as even her three-star counterpart at providing buffs, her combat performance is her main allure. In this regard, she's decent; like CZ-805, she is a high accuracy, low damage, high fire rate rifle, her blisteringly fast fire rate makes it hilariously easy to hit the rate-of-fire cap for Assault Rifles. This, plus her skill, makes her excellent as an anti-mob unit, especially early on, when she tends to outgun other assault rifles by a considerable factor. Unfortunately as the game progresses, FAMAS tends to flag; her low damage output means she tapers off later on, though she can be quite useful if her quirky grid is worked around.

Her unique accessory makes her a bit better, granting her the benefits of both a critical scope and a holo sight, with none of the downsides, making her a lot more effective; if planning to use FAMAS late-game, this acessory is a must.