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April 30th[edit]

Operation Deep Dive[edit]

DD Promo
Returning T-Dolls List
Map Clear Rewards

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April 30th 06:00 UTC-8 ~ May 27th 23:59 UTC-8

Major combat event with the story featuring the 404 girls. Story clear rewards include RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50  and SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN  along with various items. A partial guide can be found here.

It comes with a crate gacha that contains items and T-Dolls, similar to Arctic Warfare, from which SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  is guaranteed on the 777th crate.

Also like Arctic Warfare, Deep Dive has a ranking map where points are obtained to place on the scoreboards for prizes based on percentiles. The prizes include a PKN03M Night Scope, Golden Fairy(s), resources, and gems.

Prairial's Allure Rerun[edit]

Prairial's Allure

April 30th 06:00 UTC-8 ~ May 27th 23:59 UTC-8

The costumes and furniture from Prairial's Allure will be added to the radiant collection gacha for the duration of the event. When obtaining a costume/furniture piece from the radiant collection, the chance of it being from Prairial's Allure is 50%.

It features the following:

Costume Packages

Additionally, SMG SR-3MPThumb button.pngSR-3MP 's Rabbit Macchiato will be available for purchase for x2588 Icon gem.png.

Also in the store are SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN 's "The Three Crows" and RF PzB 39Thumb button.pngPzB 39 's "Raging Rider" costume packages.

April 20[edit]

Combat EXP Event[edit]

April 20th, 20:00 UTC-8 ~ April 26th, 23:59 UTC-8

Combat EXP gained from all combat missions will be boosted to 150%.

This boosts acts as a final modifier on top of MVP/Leader bonuses.

April 16th[edit]

Client Update[edit]

April 16th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ April 16th 06:00 UTC-8

Compulsory client update that contains a variety of quality of life features.

New T-Dolls Released[edit]

April 19th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ April 20th 23:59 UTC-8

Production rate up for the new dolls.

April 13th[edit]

Monthly Gems Card Double Bonus[edit]

April 13th, 00:00 UTC-8 ~ April 19th, 23:59 UTC-8

For the duration of the event, gems obtained from the "Monthly Gems Card" will be doubled (x30 Icon gem.png → x60 Icon gem.png).

This applies to Monthly Gems Cards purchased prior to the event.

April 6th[edit]

Princes' Frontline[edit]

Resupply Gacha

April 6th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ April 29th 23:59 UTC-8

Costume and furniture gacha event.


Available in Kalina's Shop are:

Shop Costume

April 2nd[edit]

Easter Voucher Event[edit]

Boss Killing Event

April 2nd 00:00 UTC-8 ~ April 23rd 23:59 UTC-8

Kill bosses in chapters 1-6 to get special currency to be used in the event shop.