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June 1st[edit]

Daily Discount Package[edit]

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June 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ June 30th 23:59 GMT+8

Package content:

Item Battery.png x200, Item Calibration Ticket.png x200.

One purchase available per day

Package cost: 118 Icon gem.png

June Monthly Bundle[edit]

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June 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ June 7th 23:59 GMT+8

For a Limited Time, the June Monthly Bundle will be available for purchase in Kalina's shop. This bundle is limited to 1 purchase only.

Package content:

Item Quick Training Contract.png x1, Item Token.png x100, Item Battery.png x1000, Strawberry Shortcake x10.

Packages cost: 580 Icon gem.png

June 7th[edit]

VA-11 Hall-A Combat Supplies[edit]

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June 7th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ July 10th 23:59 GMT+8

Before you settle down at the bar... take some time to read up about this nice promotion we have going on! Starting on June 7th, a Login Event will begin, log in consecutively daily for a nice dose of rewards included a new furniture piece!

Consecutive Login Rewards:

Days Reward
Day 1 Item T-Doll Contract.png x2
Day 2 Item Intermediate Training Data.png x300
Day 3 Item Battery.png x200
Day 4 Item Pure Data.png x100
Day 5 Item Advanced Training Data.png x300
Day 6 Item Calibration Ticket.png x200
Day 7 Bar Counter Photo Frame x1

June 13th[edit]

VA-11 Hall-A Collaboration[edit]

Valhalla <-- this is what you're after

June 27th[edit]

Fairy Tale Festival Re-run[edit]

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June 27th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ July 11th 23:59 GMT+8

For a limited time, The "Fairy Tale Festival" Children's day Procurement pool will temporarily be added to the Radiant Collection.

The following costumes will be temporarily added:

Cano's costume bundle re-run[edit]

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June 27th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ July 10th 23:59 GMT+8

For a limited time, Kalina will re-stock RF Carcano M1891Thumb button.pngCarcano M1891 's "Brave Little Cano" costume. Players who purchase the costume previously will not be able to buy it again. (No Black cards for you)

Content as follows:

  • T-Doll costume: "Brave Little Cano" for RF Carcano M1891Thumb button.pngCarcano M1891  x1
  • Procurement Coins: Item Token.png x100
  • Oath Certificate: Item Oath Certificate.png x1
  • Cost: Icon gem.png x2588
  • Limit: Max 1 Purchase
  • Sale Duration: June 27th ~ July 10th

Combat XP Rate up[edit]

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June 27th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ July 3th 23:59 GMT+8

For a limited time, all obtained xp from sorties will be boosted by 1.5x starting following the maintenance on June 27th ~ July 3rd.