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September 1st[edit]

Daily Discount Package[edit]

Promotion slide

September 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ September 30th 23:59 GMT+8

Package content:

Item Battery.pngx200, Item Calibration Ticket.pngx200

One purchase available per day

Package cost: 120 Icon gem.png

September 8th[edit]

Firework Festival[edit]

Event poster

September 8th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ September 21st 23:59 GMT+8

Defeat boss units from normal chapter 1 to chapter 6 battles and earn unique event currency "Kitsune Mask", defeating a boss unit will reward 12 masks, reward eligibility resets daily at 00:00 Beijing time. Masks are use to exchange rewards in the event shop located in the in-game store.

Exchangeable items and prices as following:

Item Kitsune Mask
Kalina Costume - Diamonds and Fireworks 150
Dormitory Pet: Hanabi Shiba 100
Furniture: Firework Offering and Drums 100
Furniture: Firework Diving Offering Rickshaw 100
Base Background: Firework Summer 100
Player Avatar: Kitsune Mask 30
Procurement Token (100 in stock) 3
Combat Report Disc (50 in stock) 2

Kalina's costume will not be visible in the event shop for players who already unlocked the costume last year.

September 18th[edit]

Mid Autumn Login Reward[edit]

Event poster

September 18th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 1st 23:59 GMT+8

Login consecutively between 18th of September to 1st of October to earn login rewards, obtainable items as following:

  • Day 1: Item Battery.pngx100
  • Day 2: Item Calibration Ticket.pngx100
  • Day 3: Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx20
  • Day 4: Item Memory Fragment.pngx200
  • Day 5: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx5
  • Day 6: Item Advanced Training Data.pngx300
  • Day 7: Base background - Full Moon and Everlasting Happiness

September 22nd[edit]

Mid Autumn Guardian[edit]

Event poster

September 22nd 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 12th 23:59 GMT+8

Complete 9 randomized daily quest a day to obtain key cards, decipher puzzle on the grid to earn rewards, additional reward packages available for connecting a total of 1, 4, 8 and 14 lines.

1 key card unlocks a random number on the grid, any duplicate numbers unlocked will raise player score by 10, consume 100 score points to unlock a specific number node.

Due to server instability believed to had been caused by the event itself, Mid Autumn Guardian event is prematurely cancelled on 23rd of September, all event related rewards will be given out to players via daily login reward type system on a later date.