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October 1st[edit]

Daily Discount Package[edit]

Promotion slide

October 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 31st 23:59 GMT+8

Package content:

Item Intermediate Training Data.png x400, Item Advanced Training Data.png x150, Item Dummy Core.png x1

One purchase available per day

Package cost: 118 Icon gem.png

October Discount Package[edit]

Promotion slide

October 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 7th 23:59 GMT+8

Package content:

Item Token.png x100, Item Battery.png x1000, Item Quick Training Contract.png x1, Strawberry Cheese Cakes x10

One purchase available per player

Package cost: 580 Icon gem.png

Resources Discount Bundles[edit]

Promotion slide

October 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 8th 23:59 GMT+8

All four resources as well as T-Doll production/fast production contracts are available for purchase as half-price bundles.

50 purchases available per player per day

Package cost: 430 Icon gem.png for contracts bundle, 480 Icon gem.png for resources bundles.

Various Production Rate-ups[edit]

Event poster 1
Event poster 2

October 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 8th 23:59 GMT+8

Various production rate-ups will be available from 1st of October to the 8th, each rate-up category lasts for two days before moving on to the next, schedule as following:

  • 1st of October 00:00 - 2nd of October 23:59: Elite T-Doll production rate up, 4* and 5* rarity T-Doll production rate from normal production will be increased.
  • 3rd of October 00:00 - 4th of October 23:59: Equipment production rate up, 4* and 5* rarity equipment production rate from normal equipment production will be increased.
  • 5th of October 00:00 - 6th of October 23:59: Event: SG T-Doll production rate up, SG class T-Doll production rate from heavy construction will be increased.
  • 7th of October 00:00 - 8th of October 23:59: Fairy production rate up, amount of fairies produced from heavy equipment construction rate will be increased.

Procurement Pool Sulphurous Air[edit]

Procurement pool banner

October 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 11th 10:00:00 GMT+8

Limited time procurement pool 'Sulphurous Air' contains the following:

October 3rd[edit]

Mid Autumn Guardian[edit]

Event poster

October 3rd 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 23rd 23:59 GMT+8

Due to server instability believed to had been caused by the event itself, Mid Autumn Guardian event is prematurely cancelled on 23rd of September, all event related rewards will be given out to players via this daily login reward system.

Login daily between the 2nd till 22nd 3rd till 23rd to obtain all rewards from the cancelled keycard decipher event, including the 5* rarity SMG SMG JS 9.

Rewards as following:

  • Day 1 - Icon manpower.png x5000
  • Day 2 - Icon ammo.png x5000
  • Day 3 - Icon ration.png x5000
  • Day 4 - Icon parts.png x4000
  • Day 5 - Item T-Doll Contract.png x15
  • Day 6 - Item Equipment Contract.png x10, Item Enhancement Capsule.png x20
  • Day 7 - Item Quick Production Contract.png x10, Item Basic Training Data.png x800
  • Day 8 - Item Quick Restoration Contract.png x10, Item Intermediate Training Data.png x500
  • Day 9 - Item Quick Training Contract.png x2, Item Advanced Training Data.png x300
  • Day 10 - T-Doll SMG JS 9
  • Day 11 - Item Memory Fragment.png x30, Item Dummy Core.png x10
  • Day 12 - Icon gem.png x100
  • Day 13 - Item Token.png x70
  • Day 14 - Item Battery.png x100, Challenger Medallion x1

October 4th[edit]

Girls Frontline Orchestra[edit]

Event poster, character art illustrated by Duoyuanjun

October 4th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 6th 23:59 GMT+8

This is a live event taking place in the municipality city of Shanghai, it likely does not concern non-Chinese players due to various restrictions, event details are still listed below should it pique any interests.

A Girls' Frontline themed orchestra will take place on 19th of October in Shanghai Oriental Art Center of Pudong new district, clicking the promotional slide in game opens up a window for ticket purchase, payment methods limited to WeChat pay or Alipay only.

Event detail and other information:

  • Event time: 2018/10/19 19:30 - 21:30 Beijing time
  • Event location: Shanghai, Pudong New District, Dingxiang Road number 425, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Music Hall
  • Seating plan: One ticket per seat, seat number labelled on ticket, seat number is given at random and cannot be chosen at discretion
  • Purchase limitation: Each player ID are limited to 4 (four) ticket purchases, ticket must match personal ID, Chinese citizenship ID will be required on purchase.
  • Child ticket: Junior members of the society also requires a full priced ticket.
  • How to enter: Event ticket is paper made, will be mailed via parcel delivery after confirming purchase. One ticket require per person per entry.
  • Parcel time: Parcel will be mailed out 1 week before performance via SF delivery.
  • Other: Non-electronically booked tickets will have to be purchased at the center at least 5 (five) days before event starts.

Gifts for purchasing tickets based on price:

  • ¥880: Orchestra limited furniture piece x1, Orchestra limited player ID background x1, Orchestra limited player avatar x1, Girls Frontline promotional item gift bundle (EXTRA)
  • ¥680: Orchestra limited furniture piece x1, Orchestra limited player ID background x1, Girls Frontline promotional item gift bundle (Legendary)
  • ¥480: Orchestra limited furniture piece x1, Girls Frontline promotional item gift bundle (Epochal)
  • ¥280: Girls Frontline promotional item gift bundle (Rare)
  • ¥80: Girls Frontline promotional item gift bundle (General)
  • Furniture piece, ID background and avatar will be given out via CD key system, redeemable before 31st of December 2018.
  • CD key and promotional item gift bundle are to be exchanged with the ticket on the day of performance, exchange time between 17:00 - 22:00, exchange location to be locally announced.

List of staffs credited:

  • Conductor: Zhang Xujia (张栩嘉) of Shanghai Music Academy
  • Composer: G.K and Dr.RD (noVation) of Vanguard Sound
  • Special guest: AKINO with bless4
  • Performed by: Griffin Sunflower Orchestra

October 9th[edit]

Combat EXP Up[edit]

Event poster

October 9thth 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 15th 23:59 GMT+8

All EXP income from combat, auto battle and combat simulations are increased by 50% while the event is active!

October 13th[edit]

404 Squad Figurines[edit]

Promotion slide

October 13th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 15th 23:59 GMT+8

New set of 404 Squad figurine released after collaborating with RINGTOYS, available for pre-purchase. This probably does not concern oversea players due to various restrictions, but clicking the promotion slide in game will bring up a hyperlink to the Official Girls' Frontline Taobao shop, where players can arrange such pre-purchase.

October 16th[edit]

Logistics Great Success Rate-up[edit]

Promotion slide

October 15th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 21st 23:59 GMT+8

Logistic great success rate for all logistical missions will be increased while the event duration lasts.

October 18th[edit]

2016 Halloween Procurement Revisit[edit]

Promotion Banner

October 16th 17:00 GMT+8 ~ October 25th 10:00:00 GMT+8

2016 Halloween procurement pool items will be temporarily added to Radiant Collection, from after maintenance till the maintenance at 10:00 on the 25th. All costume draws during this period will have 50% chance of being a costume from 2016 Halloween pool. Other than costume, 5* furniture set 'Halloween' and 4* rarity set 'Autumn' will also receive a rate up.

List of costumes from 2016 Halloween procurement:

October 20th[edit]

Special Elite T-Doll Rescue[edit]

Event poster

October 20th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ October 26th 23:59 GMT+8

Following T-Dolls are available for looting from story line chapter boss combat/S rank map clears, dolls and corresponding chapter maps as following: