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August 26th[edit]

Colorful School[edit]

Colorful School

August 26th GMT+8 ~ September 15th GMT+8

Complete Weekly Quests in order to obtain points, which in turn, yield the following rewards:

  • 100 points: 20 Enhancement Pills, 200 dorm charges
  • 200 points: 500 Intermediate training data, 10 Quick Repairs
  • 500 points: 1000 Manpower, 1000 MRE, 1000 Ammo, 1000 parts
  • 800 points: 20 Equipment crating tickets, 10 Quick Builds
  • 1200 points: 20 Procurement coins, 10 Cores
  • 1800 points: M249 SAW "Arctic Fox" costume, 10 Strawberry Cheesecakes
  • 2000 points: 10 Simulation Points, 200 Equip Calibration Tickets, 300 Expert training data
  • 2400 points: 500 charges, 50 Procurement Coins, 10 Crafting Tickets, 1 Challenger's Medal
  • 3000 points: Challenger's Medal

Note: Maximum amount of obtainable points is 3000.

Mission Week 1 Reward Points
Accumulate login for 1 day 10
Accumulate login for 2 days 20
Accumulate login for 3 days 20
Accumulate login for 5 days 30
Accumulate login for 8 days 30
Accumulate login for 10 days 50
Accumulate login for 12 days 100
Accumulate 300 batteries 20
Accumulate 800 batteries 50
Accumulate 2000 batteries 100
Obtain 10 'Likes' 20
Obtain 30 'Likes' 30
Obtain 50 'Likes' 50
Obtain 100 'Likes' 100
Spend 100 Procurement Coins 20
Spend 200 Procurement Coins 30
Spend 500 Procurement Coins 150
Spend 1000 Procurement Coins 200
Craft a 4* T-Doll 20
Craft a 4* T-Doll 5 times 30
Craft a 5* T-Doll 50
Craft 5* T-Doll 5 times 100
Oath a T-Doll 50
Oath 2 T-Dolls 50
IDW: Ah! I'm finally saved! I'm really grateful, someone else's master!

(Complete 5-4 5 times)

Mission Week 2 Reward Points
Consume 10 simulation points 10
Consume 50 simulation points 50
Consume 100 simulation points 100
Repair 10 T-Dolls 20
Repair 30 T-Dolls 30
Repair 50 T-Dolls 50
Consume 10 Battle Reports 20
Consume 30 Battle Reports 30
Consume 100 Battle Reports 50
Consume 10000 Ammo 30
Consume 30000 Ammo 50
M4A1: AR-15... Don't tell me you experienced... "Death"...

(Complete 4-3E 5 times)

Rescue 30 T-Dolls 20
Rescue 50 T-Dolls 30
Rescue 100 T-Dolls 100
Accumulate 100 hours from logistics 30
Accumulate 500 hours from logistics 50
Accumulate 1000 hours from logistics 100
Mission Week 3 Reward Points
Obtain S rank in 10 battles 10
Obtain S rank in 50 battles 50
Obtain S rank in 100 battles 100
Give 10 'Likes' 20
Give 50 'Likes' 30
Give 100 'Likes' 50
Give 200 'Likes' 100
Gift 10 presents to any T-Doll 10
Gift 20 presents to any T-Doll 20
Gift 50 presents to any T-Doll 30
Gift 100 presents to any T-Doll 50
Consume 5000 rations 20
Consume 10000 rations 30
MP40: Wait, that T-Doll over there, is it FNC?

(Clear 5-2 5 times)

Level up any T-Doll/Fairy skill once 10
Level up any T-Doll/Fairy skill 3 times 30
Level up any T-Doll/Fairy skill 5 times 50
Consume 20 Strengthening pills 20
Consume 50 Strengthening pills 30
Consume 100 Strengthening pills 50

August 25th[edit]

Tachibana Discount Package[edit]

Tachibana Discount Package

August 25th 0:00 GMT+8 ~ September 1st 23:59 GMT+8

Item Oath Certificate.pngx2, Item Token.pngx100, Icon manpower.pngx7777, Icon ammo.pngx7777, Icon ration.pngx7777, Icon parts.pngx7777,

Package cost: 2777Icon gem.png

Limited to one-time purchase only.

August 17th[edit]

Jackpot Package[edit]

Jackpot Package

August 17th 10:00 GMT+8 ~ August 25th 23:59 GMT+8

Icon manpower.pngx6000, Icon ammo.pngx6000, Icon ration.pngx4000, Icon parts.pngx4000, Item T-Doll Contract.pngx10, Item Equipment Contract.pngx10

Package cost: 1980Icon gem.png

Limited to 50 packages per day.

August 9th[edit]

Double Diamond Monthly Pass Event[edit]

Double Diamond Monthly Pass Event

August 9th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ August 18th 23:59 GMT+8

Diamond gained from monthly pass doubled from 30 to 60 during the event.

August 2nd[edit]

Encryption System[edit]

Kalina's kimono costume and encryption system

Encryption system event will be online during Aug 5th 0:00 GMT+8 ~ Aug 25th 23:59 GMT+8.

Brand new play style. Complete special mission to get encryption cards to participate in this event. Drop crates, Kalina's kimono costume "Dimond and Hanabi" and other bountiful rewords can be obtained from this event!

  • "Password Cards" will be given from completing the daily missions.
  • 6 basic missions are available everyday, completing the basic missions will unlock 3 advanced missions.
  • Password Cards are used to unlock numbers on the card.
  • Completing a line on the card will reward you with the item the line aligns with.
  • Getting a repeat number will give you 10 points, saving up 100 points will allow you to fill in a number of your choice.
  • Extra items will be rewarded when a certain number of bingo lines are completed.

Rewards from lines: Icon gem.pngx100, Icon manpower.pngx2000, Icon ration.pngx2000, Icon ammo.pngx2000, Icon parts.pngx2000, Item Basic Training Data.png x500, Item Intermediate Training Data.png x500, Item Advanced Training Data.png x500, Item Token.pngx20, Item Enhancement Capsule.png x20, Item Quick Training Contract.png x2.

Rewards for number of lines completed:

  • 1 line: Icon manpower.pngx3000, Icon ration.pngx3000, Icon ammo.pngx3000, Icon parts.pngx3000 and 50 supply crates.
  • 3 lines: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx10, Item Quick Production Contract.pngx10, Item Quick Restoration Contract.pngx10, Item Equipment Contract.pngx10 and 50 supply crates.
  • 8 lines: Kalina "Diamond Fireworks" costume and 100 supply crates.
  • 14 lines: Challenger's Medal, Item Token.pngx50, Item Calibration Ticket.pngx200, Item Battery.png x500 and 100 supply crates.
List of Quests
Title Description Translation
战役关卡挑战 战斗胜利情况下挑战任意战役关卡1次 Win any normal battle 1x
夜战关卡挑战 战斗胜利情况下挑战任意夜战关卡1次 Win any night battle 1x
紧急关卡挑战 战斗胜利情况下挑战任意紧急关卡1次 Win any emergency battle 1x
打捞人形 在关卡战斗过程中打捞任意人形5个 Rescue 5 T-dolls
累计远征时长 在远征完成的情况下累计远征10小时 Accumulate 10 hours of logistics
行动回报-快速制造契约 通过后勤支援获得快速制造契约*1 Obtain 1x quick craft from logistics
行动回报-快速修复契约 通过后勤支援获得快速修复契约*1 Obtain 1x quick repair from logistics
行动回报-装备制造契约 通过后勤支援获得装备制造契约*1 Obtain 1x equip craft from logistics
行动回报-人形制造契约 通过后勤支援获得人形制造契约*1 Obtain 1x T-doll craft from logistics
每日登录 每日登录 Daily login
修复人形 修复人形3次 Repair 3x
人形升级 人形升级3次 Level T-doll 3x
人形拆解 拆解人形个数*10 Retire 10x T-dolls
人形强化 强化人形1次 Power-up T-dolls x1
装备强化 强化装备1次 Enhance equip x1
人力消耗 累计消耗人力*500 Spend 500x Manpower Icon manpower.png
弹药消耗 累计消耗弹药*500 Spend 500x Ammo Icon ammo.png
口粮消耗 累计消耗口粮*500 Spend 500x MRE Icon ration.png
零件消耗 累计消耗零件*200 Spend 200x Parts Icon parts.png
核心消耗 累计消耗核心*3 Spend 3x Cores Item Dummy Core.png
快速修复契约 累计消耗快速修复契约*3 Spend 3x quick repair Item Quick Restoration Contract.png
人形制造契约 累计消耗人形制造契约*3 Spend 3x T-doll craft Item T-Doll Contract.png
快速制造契约 累计消耗快速制造契约*3 Spend 3x quick craft Item Quick Production Contract.png
装备制造契约 累计消耗装备制造契约*3 Spend 3x equip craft Item Equipment Contract.png
点赞使者 累计点赞10次 Accumulate giving 10x Likes
送客! 累计送客1次 Send off 1 visitor in dorm
微博分享 分享宿舍页面1次 Share dorm 1x
友情点数 累计获得友情点数*100 Accumulate 100x friendship points
收集电池 累计获得电池*200 Accumulate 200x batteries Item Battery.png
消耗电池 累计消耗电池*30 Spend 30 batteries Item Battery.png
生产作战报告书 累计生产作战报告书*10 Create 10x battle reports
消耗作战报告书 累计消耗作战报告书*10 Spend 10x battle reports
友谊的小船 累计被点赞5次 Obtain 5x Likes
礼物赠送 累计赠送礼物20份 Give 20x gifts
随机参观 累计随机参观10次 Accumulate random dorm visit 10x
防御演习 参与防御演习1次 Do defense sim 1x
装备校准 装备校准1次 Equip calibrate 1x 
技能升级 技能升级1次 Raise skill level 1x
初级资料消耗 累计消耗初级资料*100 Spend 100x low level skill data Item Basic Training Data.png
中级资料消耗 累计消耗中级资料*100 Spend 100x medium level skill data Item Intermediate Training Data.png
高级资料消耗 累计消耗高级资料*100 Spend 100x high level skill data Item Advanced Training Data.png
校准点券消耗 累计消耗校准点券*50 Spend 50x calibration tickets Item Calibration Ticket.png
增幅胶囊消耗 累计消耗增幅胶囊*5 Spend 5x pills Item Enhancement Capsule.png
快速训练契约 累计消耗快速训练契约*1 Spend 1x quick training ticket Item Quick Training Contract.png
客似云来 累计被参观5次 Accumulate being visited in dorm 5x
IDW哒喵 获得战术人形“IDW”*1 Obtain IDW x1
血统验证_人形 制造出4星人形*1 Craft 4* T-doll x1
血统验证_装备 制造出4星装备*1 Craft 4* equip x1
S胜(普通3-6) 第三战役普通3-6结算获取S胜1次 Get S rank on 3-6
S胜(紧急4-4) 第四战役紧急4-4结算获取S胜1次 Get S rank on 4-4E
通关(夜战3-4) 成功挑战第三战役夜战3-4关卡1次 Win 3-4N
消灭BOSS 战斗胜利情况下累计消灭任意BOSS单位*3 Defeat any boss 3x
装甲机械铁血兵 战斗胜利情况下累计消灭装甲机械单位*10 Defeat 10x mechanical armored enemies
普通机械铁血兵 战斗胜利情况下累计消灭普通机械单位*10 Defeat 10x mechanical normal enemies
普通人形铁血兵 战斗胜利情况下累计消灭普通人形铁血兵*10 Defeat 10x humanoid normal enemies
好友使用梯队 好友使用我方梯队1次 Friend squad borrowed by friend 1x
使用好友梯队 累计使用支援梯队1次 Borrowed 1x friend squad
校准点券获取 通过防御演习获得校准点券*100 Obtain 100x calibration tickets from def sim Item Calibration Ticket.png
重型制造_人形 人形重型制造3次 LSC x3
采购币消耗 累计消耗采购币*5 Spend 5x coins Item Token.png
消耗基础/超导动能 累计消耗基础/超导动能*10 Spend 10x simulation points
战斗大师 以S评价完成10场战斗 S rank 10 battles
钻石消耗 累计消耗钻石*100 Spend 100x diamonds
购买超导动能 在商城“道具”界面购买“超导动能”3次 Buy 3 times simulation points
采购币购买 在商城“道具”界面购买采购币*20 Buy 20x coins Item Token.png
购买快速修复契约 在商城“契约”界面购买“快速修复契约”1次 Buy 1x quick repair in shop Item Quick Restoration Contract.png
购买人形制造契约 在商城“契约”界面购买“人形制造契约”1次 Buy 1x T-doll craft in shop Item T-Doll Contract.png
购买快速制造契约 在商城“契约”界面购买“快速制造契约”1次 Buy 1x quick craft in shop Item Quick Production Contract.png
购买装备制造契约 在商城“契约”界面购买“装备制造契约”1次 Buy 1x equip craft in shop Item Equipment Contract.png
购买人力 在商城“资源”界面购买人力*1500 Buy 1500x manpower in shop Icon manpower.png
购买弹药 在商城“资源”界面购买弹药*1500 Buy 1500x ammo in shop Icon ammo.png
购买口粮 在商城“资源”界面购买口粮*1500 Buy 1500x MRE in shop Icon ration.png
购买零件 在商城“资源”界面购买零件*500 Buy 500x parts in shop Icon parts.png

August 1st[edit]

Training Data Package[edit]

Training Data Package

August 7th GMT+8 ~ August 31st GMT+8

Item Equipment Contract.pngx4, Item Advanced Training Data.png x200

Package cost: 168 Icon gem.png