Eurosky Low-Emission Infectious Disease

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The world of Girls Frontline is build upon a world written in a fiction novel by the game's Producer Yuzhong. All the contents of this page are either based on "Girl's Frontline Griffin confidential file" written by the producer mention prior, or evident from part of the game itself.


Causes and symptoms[edit]

ELID symptom initial stages shown Captain Yegor after he was exposed to the collapse bomb explosion, notice the scorched skins
ELID symptom initial stages shown agent Angie after she was exposed to the collapse bomb explosion, notice the scorched skins

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After exposing to high concentration radiation from collapse reaction, subject will experience immediate bodily pain and fatigue, followed by loss of certain body functions due to pain and organs being affected. Being exposed to radiation will also scorch areas of subject's skin and damage muscular structures, continued exposure to 'red zone' level of radiation will lead to rapid organ failure then death from it.

'Yellow zone' level of radiation is survivable by much longer period of time, but it is still dangerous. 'Yellow zone' level of radiation isn't strong enough to damage exterior skins to the extend of scorching, but will continue to damage internal organs and most importantly begin to effect subject's brain, causing various psychological detriments and mental impacts.

Should the subject die to 'yellow zone' level radiation, they will eventually rise again as ELID mutants. Since 'yellow zone' level radiation is not strong enough to damage motor systems, it upon the loss of subject's consciousness their body will enter comatose and undergo some changes:

  • Siliconized lattice will form on the exterior skin, skins will be hardened and joints will become stiff.
  • Muscular structures will expand, if the subject was already large in body physique the effect will be more noticeable (see Smasher units).
  • The next time subject's body moves, it will be classified as an ELID mutant, and not the original subject.

ELID mutants[edit]

In game icon of the ELID mutants, left to right: Infected civilian, Infected soldier, Smasher. Note the collapse residue and hardened siliconized skin

Zombie like mutants that are attracted to other moving objects, the source of their killing impulse is unknown but they seem to attack everything but themselves indiscriminately. Infected mutants seem to retain certain degree of muscle memory, as demonstrated by infected soldiers actually firing their rifles (nowhere as accurate as their former self) at their preys.