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Desert Eagle Story Quotes


Small in body physique, but she's actually a very strong T-Doll, she had a history of performance art prior to joining G&K. She performs serious roles and her personality reflects that, she would carefully compared and decide every little choice she makes in life. But once she decided on her objective, she will not stop until it is done.

Story Involvement[edit]

She made her first appearance in Shattered Connexion event Chapter 2 as the leader of Griffin Recon Group A member. RF SSG 3000Thumb button.pngSSG 3000  and AR ACRThumb button.pngACR  are also part of this team.

Desert Eagle asked her teammate about current situation. SSG 3000 explained that she was receiving transmission request from MG KordThumb button.pngKord , but she couldn't hear anything. Desert Eagle commented about the weather being off, and kept hearing some weird voice. SSG 3000 jokingly said that the voice probably came from some weird creatures, and whether they should eliminate it should they appeared. Their main objective was to find the exclusion wall control center, so they might need to eliminate the creatures should they pose a threat. The city automated defensive mechanism suddenly opened a fire on them, and hundred of weird creatures closing in. Their team pulled back and took cover in a train station, and linked up with ACR.