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The world of Girls Frontline is build upon a conceptual world created by the game's Producer Yuzhong, various novels and games (namely Bakery Girl) were also built upon this conceptual world. All the contents of this page are either based on "Girl's Frontline Griffin confidential file" written by the producer mention prior, or evident from part of the game itself.

Relic sites[edit]

Technology extracted from underground relic sites of an ancient advanced civilizations are described as Precursor Technology. Relic sites are scattered across the globe, some dating ten times prior to the age of Dinosaurs, such relics are suspected to have been created by an unknown but highly advanced sentient civilization, their constructs and architectures remained operational aeons after their own disappearance[1].

List of known Relics:

  • Antarctica Relic, discovered prior to AD 1955, (D 1)
  • Beilan Island Relic, Shanghai, discovered prior to AD 1960
  • OKb-413 "Pike", Minsk, discovered in AD 2032.[2]
  • Relic site discovered by Schicksal Valkryja during their expedition into Girls Frontline world (See trivia).[3]

Research History[edit]

Humanity's attempts at making use of Precursor technology had mostly been futile and fruitless due to the physical technological limitations until 2045, but what little they have discovered at the time did advance their aligned faction's technology by a large margin, and soon it was applied to warfare.

Note that Girls Frontline story officially started in AD 2068

Prior to 1957

Research into derelict started as early as end the of WW2, nations/unions devoted large quantities of time and resources to the derelict research, despite all it still progresses at an incredibly slow rate, for all factions. Due to technology limitations, humanity at the time could not comprehend and decrypt derelict technology


US officially set up APRA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) tasked with Precursor research.


An ancient remain of the Precursor civilization discovered in Beilan Island derelict, given the name named GAVIRUL, assumed to be the sentinel of the advanced civilization. Nothing more of value were found within the ruins as it stretches another 67 metres below ground, GAVIRUL specimen excavated and preserved.


Due to city expansion needs, Beilan Island relic was sealed, new building erected above the site, all information on previous excavated sentinel vanished.


UN officially formed the official research body for relic studies, the Bureau of Relic Science. Such bureau re-initiated the research into GAVIRUL specimen. With GAVIRUL in hand, the bureau researchers find themselves in two major opposing factions. Half argues the research focus should be on relic site itself, attempt to reactivate the site and salvage more technology. The other half intends to integrate GAVIRUL DNA into human embryo and create hybrid life forms as a connectivity bridge to the Precursor civilization itself. The latter faction won and thus the research for genetic integration began[4].
Due to DNA strand instability, the embryo death rates were extremely high (Up to 98.9%), in the end only two specimen survived, G-37 and G-114. For the sake of genome data completeness, both GAVIRUL hybrids were made into female, as the gonosome is kept as XX.
Specimen G-37 was dubbed as "Black Lily", physical features resembles a Caucasian female. However due to genetic defects, all hairs are white in colour.
Specimen G-114 was dubbed as "White Rose", physical features resemble a Mongolian Asian female.


20 years of observation showed following results[4]:
  • The two specimen showed increased metabolic rating, by the 7th year of growth they already have the physique of a 14 year old normal human.
  • By the 15th year of observation the two specimen showed no apparent different to normal humans other than stronger muscular tendon strength and frontal lobe exterior skin having higher activity feed backs.
  • By the 20th year of observation the two specimen shows absolute no interactions with the derelict on the observable level at all and are unable to trigger any form of reaction/activation from the site itself.
  • Lacking of results the GAVIRUL specimen project announced closed, genetic templates of Lily and Rose backed up, all remaining funding transferred to development of "Weight Bearing" exo-skeletal type armor.
  • Information on Lily and Rose were scattered after the war, liable source indicates they have entered service with ELID response task forces, the SCAPF (Special Circumstances Armed Police Force).


Beilan Island Incident's worldwide cataclysmic destructions and the beginning of the Third World War halted relic studies on a global scale.


Sovereignty claim of Antarctica. Antarctica region announced independence and claimed sovereignty as a nation, who remained absolute neutral and cut of all form of external communications with the outside world while World War 3 was on going. While the planet was ravaged by war, A massive capital city was constructed over the Antarctica relic, devoted only into Precursor studies.


Three Goddess Project, another attempt at creating GAVIRUL specimen, a much more successful attempt than the previous. A project handled by a conglomerate of research bodies from the two new super power factions of the world, researched near Berlin. Handled with the experience of the previous GAVIRUL hybridization project and handled with improvements made. Much greater embryo survival rate, by the end three specimen were born, each named after a star from a triple star system. All three new specimen were based on the genetic template of Rose, since Lily template was lost after the war[5].

Three specimen as following:

  • G-179, dubbed as 'Jefuty'
  • G-214, dubbed as 'Noylu'
  • G-264, dubbed as 'Lunixya'

Technological Fields[edit]

Typically the most stable form of matter in the real world are considered to be solid, as it is sturdy and easily preserved. However the Precursors sees it differently, they prefer to suspend matters in a state of free float energy form and have it to be readily converted into any forms at will. This resulted in the fundamentally difference in terms of scientific views between humanity and the Precursors. The Precursors had perfected particle manipulation to a state of immaculate, evident from the macrocosm matters suspended in an extremely high density state. Relic site utilizes high complexity interactions between different technologies, through years of observation, experimentation, reverse engineering, humanity managed to categorize the fields down to two major categories, Collapse and Reversal.[6]


Collapse theory was the first Precursor technology that could be somewhat manipulated by humanity, it is the most widely used Precursor technology. Collapse technology seem to be the fundamental system of derelicts' operation, reports of this technology can be found in derelicts all over the world.
Collapse breaks down atomic structure of matters by removing the strong nuclear force, while Reversal restructures the particles back into matters. The strong force that binds positively charged protons together at close proximity cannot be manipulated by humanity in any possible way, the Precursor civilization make use of "Collapse Fluid" to remove such force.
It is technically incorrect to call it a fluid despite how it appears, as it isn't liquid state. Collapse fluid is an unstable particle-wave suspended in special containers, appears liquid state due to the particle medium it penetrates at high speed, specific wavelengths detected are largely unknown, only known wavelengths are quarks and leptons. Particles undergone Collapse will be accelerated into their high energy plasma state[6].


Reversal is the process of fitting the broken down particles back into new arrangements, or their previous arrangements. Typically the fluid containers the Precursor civilization provided have imprints of the original arrangement of the broken down particles. A theory had been proposed where after isolating the selected area electron diffraction, one can make use of super computers to rapidly build a guide meld, where broken down particles can remodel itself back on, reform the strong nuclear force and settle in a new state of arrangement[6].

Since Collapse theory have already revamped humanity's understanding of quantum mechanism, the theory of Reversal is completely beyond humanity's comprehension level. Years of research, not even the mega nations could propose convincing theories on Collapse, mankind can only utilize Collapse as some form of makeshift destructive weaponry system in warfare. Similarly, if the Neanderthals were to obtain canisters of natural gas, the most they could manage is use it as an improvised explosive device, they cannot physically comprehend the fact that canisters of gas are used for culinary by the modern humans, as they physically lack the understanding and lack the other form of appropriate technologies to make use of such an advanced item they now possess.

At first humanity fail to see that Collapse theory can serve as the connection bridge between macrocosm and microcosm, particles can be broken and rearranged freely, particles can even be reconstructed at a distance, making quantum teleportation possible. A notable form of application would lie with the hyper compressed of matters generated from Reversal, one can accelerate the fastest super computers by at least 5 Giga times faster just from the new manufacturing process of components[6].

This was all until the decades of devoted research from Antarctica[7].

Technology Applications[edit]

Collapse Bomb

Canister of Collapse fluid
As demonstrated and used during the Singularity campaign in Sector S09 during AD 2063, several canisters of Collapse fluid were attached to explosives and made into makeshift bombs. The canisters were small in volume, relatively[8]. The makeshift Collapse bombs detonation unleashed strong kinetic energy followed by thermal energy, neutralizing large amount of military grade units within 500 metre radius. An even wider radius of radiation zone were also created, covered with hazardous ionizing radiation generated from Collapse particle-wave interactions with physical matter, such radiation level are described as lethal to carbon based lifeforms such as humans.[9]


  • As observed, by the time the detonation finished, a single canister of particle-waves dissipated majority of it's potential energy into the environment, in forms of kinetic, heat, visible light and sound, remnant of the energy are slowly decaying in form of radiation.
    • Though the remaining radiation could be released by newly made unstable elements made after the process of Collapse, since humanity still could not control the Collapse reaction at AD 2061, which indicates that the canister distributed all of it's potential energy in a short time frame.
    • The kinetic energy that created the shockwave could be purely from the explosives the Collapse fluid canister attached on, no sources suggested whether unconstrained Collapse reaction releases large amount of energy in form of kinetic energy or not.


  • Chapter E1-3 and E1-4 of Hitoribocchi described that HG TheresaThumb button.pngTheresa  and AR Murata HimekoThumb button.pngMurata Himeko  entering a relic site for their own research purposes. Theresa states that the relic site have some very strong and very strange energy readings, it could potentially contain something similar to what the Valkryja were looking for. Later on as reported by Himeko, the energy source does not match Honkai, also the relic is sealed with a technology which even the Valkryja could not decrypt, Theresa expressed her disappointment after hearing such results.[3]
    • HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  described their involvement with the relic as "Trespassing", as that said relic was contracted under G&K's protection.


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