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DP-12 Story Quotes Live2D

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Acquisition DP12,提供由身至心的全面保护。嗯……指挥官,想听这个名字背后的故事吗? DP-12, here to provide full protection from body to soul. Commander... would you like to hear the story beind this name?
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 您喜欢研究民俗吗?每个地方的文化不同,传说也会不同。研究同一个传说在不同地方的变化,就像是顺着人体的血管摸向心脏……您觉得呢? Do you like folkslore? Different places have different folks, so the lores are also different. Studying the changes in the same story in different places is almost like tracing the veins back to the beating heart... what do you think?
KSVK跑过去了?不必担心,她只是听说了新的可能性,就迫不及待地去实行了。真是的,明明召唤邪神的咒语都没有听完呢。 KSVK just ran by? Don't worry, she only just heard about a new possibility and rushed ahead to try it. I haven't even told her the entire spirit summoning spell yet.
作品是作者的内心具象,有时会表现出作者自己都没有注意到的地方呢。比如指挥官您,每次制定作战计划时,背后都会有……开玩笑的。 Every piece represents the author's inner self, sometimes it may even present something not even the author had noticed. For example Commander, everytime you layout plans for combat operation, there are always... I'm joking.
Secretary (post OATH)
Even at G&K I wish to continue my reading and writing, even if one day we no longer exist in the world, our story will live fore... What I meant to say is would you like to be the protagonist of my novel?
I've got you now Commander, now hand over my reward... So this is the prize, I thought you would keep it from me for longer... you're not having it back by the way. Now we can witness the ending for all the stories, together...
T-Doll Produced
Joining an echelon
Logistics (start)
Logistics (end)

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Starting a combat mission
Starting a battle
Skill activation
Heavily damaged

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New Year's Day
Valentine's day