Continuum Turbulence

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Event Overview[edit]

Continuum Turbulence (Abbreviated CT from now) is the 2018 August summer story event on CN, TW and KR servers. CN DSky/Bili will receive the event first, starting from 16th of August last until 13th of September. TW/KR servers will receive the event on the 24th and last until ???.

CT describes the follow up story after the event Singularity, CT features the largest amount of involved warring factions up to date. Due to the release of a new enemy type, most battle chapter may be difficult for first time players. With the additional and almost mandatory HOC usage, the resources consumption is also believed to be relatively higher than the previous events.

Story Route and Backtracking[edit]

Differs from previous events, CT's story is told by different story routes, though some route leads to a true ending where it progresses the story, while others lead to a false ending which halts the story at a dead end. Differ from Singularity, CT's branching nodes have different victory conditions, completing the map via the victory conditions will unlock the routes.

The event mechanic "Backtracking" returns again from Singularity, upon reaching branching nodes players can choose which route to progress, upon completion of one route the story cannot progress any further. Luckily for the players this time, backtracking does not reset the progress and players can immediately return to the branching node and unlock the other route, backtracking merely allows the alternative option(s) in the said battle to take effect on the following attempts.

Chapter 1 have a total of eleven (11) true story nodes and two (2) dead end branches, chapter 2 have a total of twelve (12) true story nodes and four (4) dead end branches, chapter 3 have ???.

Naming convention for event maps are of following:

  • True story route will be labelled with numerical values only followed by the E for Event, while viable routes will be marked with letters behind the last number.
    • E1-1 to E1-11 will cover the entirety of event chapter 1.
    • E2-6A will be the 6th map along the possible story route designated as A on chapter E2.
  • E1-A1 would mean the first mission node down dead end route A of chapter 1.

Loot boxes[edit]

Event reward loot boxes are available upon defeating bosses from chapters, each boss unit defeated will yield six (6) loot boxes in total, loot box rewards eligibility resets daily at 00:00 Beijing time. Chapter 1 and 2 has 24 daily box eligibility while chapter 3 has 12.

  • Due to circumstances CT chapter 3 will not be available until 23rd of August, players are gifted 12 boxes daily via mail. The mails only last for 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds, make sure one logs on daily to claim the boxes.


CT tells the story of the conflict endured during and after the event of Singularity, where SOCOM and Sangvis units eventually retreated out of Sector S09, but however G&K divisions encountered a new hostile faction while waiting for extraction transports. The two protagonists for chapter 1 is AR M4 SOPMOD II while the protagonist for chapter 2 is AR HK416 and SMG AK-74U.


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