Berezovich Kryuger

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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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His full name is Berezovich Kryuger (meaning "son of the cypress tree'). The found and director of Griffin. He was once a military officer but has now retired.

He witnessed too many tragedies on the battlefield, so after his retirement he devoted his efforts towards peaceful projects. As a practicalist by nature, he founded the Griffin PMC (Private Military Company) in order to safeguard humans which governments could not protect. In addition, he went on to purchase a large number of Dolls to replace human mercenaries, in the hopes of minimizing human casualties.

After the Sangvis Ferri Dolls when out of control and Many PMCs declined the contract to lock them down, Kryuger accepted and stepped in during that dangerous time. Griffin sealed off the reigon where Sangvis Ferri dolls were active, and kept it from spreading. Currently, there is a bitter struggle between Griffin and the Sangvis Ferri.