Dinergate-Type RO

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Dinergate-Type RO

Dinergate-Type RO is an obtainable equipment in the game.


Usable only by AR M4 SOPMOD II.


CN: 透过与连线RO635心智云图的兵蚁建立数据共享,M4 SOPMOD2对战场的反应力获得了大幅提升。如果这只兵蚁比别只看得更远,那是因为它站在M4 SOPMOD2的肩上。

Obtained by reaching Stage 3 of Soppu's Digimind Upgrade.

Minimum Level Required: 115

Game Data[edit]

Icon slot Accessory.png
Icon HG 2star.png
Icon SMG 2star.png
Icon AR 2star.png
Icon MG 2star.png
Icon RF 2star.png
Icon SG 2star.png
Accuracy +6~10
Damage +6~9
Rate of Fire -4~2
Craft Time

Enhancement values
Stat +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Accuracy +6~10 +6~10(1.04x) +6~10(1.08x) +6~11(1.12x) +6~11(1.16x) +7~12(1.2x) +7~12(1.24x) +7~12(1.28x) +7~13(1.32x) +8~13(1.36x) +8~14(1.4x)
Damage +6~9 +6~9(1.035x) +6~9(1.07x) +6~9(1.105x) +6~10(1.14x) +7~10(1.175x) +7~10(1.21x) +7~11(1.245x) +7~11(1.28x) +7~11(1.315x) +8~12(1.35x)
Rate of Fire -4~2   -4~2


  • Although the dinergate no longer has RO's digi-mind in it, the Dinergate itself now serves as Soppu's Electronic Warfare Kit, During the events of Chapter 11, RO (received a new body) was caught off guard after seeing Soppu brought the dinergate during their mission, was also amusingly named "Banana" by Soppu and was registered as a pet to deceive security.


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