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Ballista Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 芭莉斯塔,今日起加入您的梯队……您在看哪里?现在战事紧张,请专心一点。 バリスタ、今日から貴殿のチームに務めます…どこを見ているのですか?戦況が厳しい今、もっとしっかりしてください。Play Ballista, joining your echelons from now on... Where are you looking at? The combat situation is tight right now, please focus.
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 是命令吗?否则请您不要妨碍我工作。 命令ですか?そうじゃないなら仕事を邪魔しないでください。Play Is there an order? Otherwise please do not interrupt my work.
这本时尚杂志是……真是的,她还是一如既往的没有紧张感。 このファッション誌は…まったく、相変わらず緊張感がないですね。Play This fashion magazine belongs to... Ugh, she's still just as unfocused as usual.
……我已经努力制造严肃的氛围了,为什么您还不放弃呢? …こっちは厳かな雰囲気を作るため一所懸命頑張っているのに、どうして指揮官は、いつも邪魔をするのですか?Play ...I've tried my best to maintain a serious atmosphere, why are you still persisting?
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, we're still in the middle of work, please stop bothering me. Geez, just for this time okay, there's no next time.
Commander, I didn't expect you to choose me... even though I always being selfish, I'm ashamed to myself. But for you to accept me as who I am, makes me really happy.
Greeting 来たか。Play You've arrived.
T-Doll Produced 指揮官、新しいメンバーが到着しました。Play Commander, new member has arrived.
Joining an echelon 陣形が整いました。Play Battle formation has been arranged.
Enhancement 射撃テストに移りましょう。Play Let's move into shooting practice.
Dummy-linking 編成完了。リンク異常なし。Play Linking complete. No abnormalities.
Logistics (start) 今回のルートは……はい、かしこまりました。今すぐ出発します。Play This time route is... Yes, understood. I'll depart at once.
Logistics (end) リストをチェックしました。任務終了。Play List checking complete. Mission complete.
Autobattle 整備完了。行動開始。Play Maintenance complete. Action begin.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 目標確認、作戦開始。Play Objective confirmed, commencing operation.
Starting a battle 敵の数を確認。Play Confirming the number of enemies.
Skill activation 集中、集中!Play Focus, focus!
現場を押さえます。Play Hold that spot.
私が隙きを作ります。Play I'll make an opening.
Heavily damaged まっ…まさかこんな角度から、油断した。Play N-no way... I was caught from this angle,
Retreat 集中力が、まだ足りないのか?Play My alertness, is still not enough?
MVP はぁ…勝った。次の目標は?Play Aah, we won. What's the next objective?
Restoration どんな小さな傷でも、きちんと修理してください。Play No matter how small a scratch is, you should repair it properly.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween FNCの奴きっとみんなが怪談話をしている時にこっそりキャンディを食べるつもりでしょう?全く、もっと集中して欲しいものです。Play That FNC, she was definitely eating candy in secret when we're telling ghost stories. Honestly, I want her to be more serious.
Christmas メリークリスマス指揮官。今日は仕事忘れてゆっくり楽しみましょう。Play Merry Christmas, Commander. Forget about today's work and enjoy the moment.
New Year's Day 指揮官、なんでまだここに?掃除の邪魔です。


Commander, why are you still here? You are getting in the way of cleaning.
Valentine's day 指揮官このチョコの感想を教えてください。混合の参考になりますから。


Commander, please tell me about your impression of this chocolate. I want to use it as mixing reference.
Tanabata 願い事ですか?すみません、一人の時に考えさせてください。


My wish you ask? Sorry, give me some time to think it in private.