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Full name Model SP47 "Agent"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Agent (代理人) acts as the Grand Overseer of Sangvis Ferri, she relays commands given by the Mastermind Elisa to all entities Sangvis Ferri. Classification of Agent is a Rear Command type Android (后方指挥人形) despite her powerful combat performance, her typical role within SF is communication and logistic network management, it is hinted she also takes care of Elisa's daily life needs, and Elisa relies on Agent a great deal. Agent sits at the top of the SF command hierarchy ladder just below Elisa and has direct command privilege over all SF entities.

Overall behaviour of Agent is described as ruthless, but not manner-less, this calm and level headed Overseer would speak with respectful tones to both friends and foes alike. However her choice of vocabulary varies depending on audience, she only speak with polite and respectful words to her Master, against enemies and incapable subordinates she speaks in a more vulgar tongue. She seem to be holding extra prejudice against G&K.

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Agent's first appearance is during the game's tutorial, where her efficient combat ability and tactics were first demonstrated, so she is the first Sangvis Ferri Ringleader model android all players encounter in the story. She made a second appearance during Operation Cube when Ouroboros's behaviour spiraled beyond control.

However she will not actually be encountered as an enemy in the game until the event Singularity, which took place after chapter 10 Emergency. As the siege against SF intensified in SF home base in S09 during chapter 10 and Singularity, Agent deployed on to the battlefield to assist Gager and the forward units, she was last sighted during Singularity.

Tutorial level: Story appearance only.

Chapter 0: Story appearance only.

Operation Cube: Story appearance only.

Singularity: E2-D3, E2 Hidden level 'Survivor', E3-4.



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